Every morning when we wake up, most of us find something empty within us. Something missing. Some very important part of us. And the question arise is…

What am I living for? Is it just fulfilling my duties and my routines?

What is it that gives me ultimate happiness and satisfaction of potent living? Am I Truly Worthy something? If so, what it is?

And the answer lies in your purpose in this life.  And your alignment with your purposeful living.

Most of us know this. But they struggle to find what could be their purpose of living? Many of us pass through life without knowing it or clearly knowing it very late.

Although it’s never too late for anything in life, it’s earlier we know more fulfilling life we can live. The more potential we can exfoliate. And our potential is infinite. We all have known this as well.

Now, how to find our purpose very clearly and truthfully?

There are several ways of doing it. I too have few. Simple, gentle and authentic one.

When you truly feel the need to find your purpose, allow me to guide you step by step.

Step 1. Gather in your memory your childhood life, your childhood and teenage dreams, your childhood experiences… The days when your were the most yourself… the moments of immense satisfaction and happiness for you… List them in a diary.

Step 2. Gather in your memory your whole life so far. What kind of experiences Nature has been providing to you throughout? Try and understand what message you are getting through it?… List all of this down in your diary.

Step 3. Gather in your memory doing what gives you immense satisfaction and happiness? Doing what you simply flow into it and forget everything including your own self. You feel transcend. You feel you are out of this world doing it… List them down in your diary.

Step 4. Gather in memory what it is you feel like doing when you are absolutely low, depressed and may be even totally shattered. What is your craving of that moment? Doing what can bring you on the track once again… Again list them all.

Do all of this step by step. Take your own time. it may take few days. But remain stuck with it. Give every single step your whole effort. Put all your mind emotions and energy into it and lastly do remember to list them all in your diary.

Step 5. Narrow it down. What could it be? What could it be? Pour all your heart into your diary… Have you reached anywhere near to knowing what could it be? Your purpose in this life?

Sometimes what we have dreamt of during our childhood may be just fanciful and not the true aspirations and purpose in our life. Nature takes care of us and give us the kind of experiences which prepares us to know and live our purposeful life.

The key to exfoliating our highest potential is in living a whole and purpose driven life.

Did you find yours? Using tools given above…


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal