Heart and mind

We all have known, what we are today is what choices we made in past for ourselves. And most of the time most of us feel that we could have been better. be deserve better. We are more than what we currently.

How? How to know how to be that more deserving being to become. How to make right choices so that we can sail through little more swiftly. We can achieve more. Be more.

Allow me to guide you to know what to choose and how to choose.

When you have to make a choice, at least you are aware that you are on a cross road, sometimes even multiple cross roads. Initially till it becomes effortless part of you, till it can happen in an instance, make a mental or physical note of all of your choices.

Now, one by one, think of the choice you have to take. Experience that you have already made this as your choice. And see yourself proceeding with that choice… For next few minutes observe yourself closely. How you feel about proceeding? What thoughts come across your mind? What is your wholesome experience with the ongoing? Make a note.

Same way take another choice and get through the same process. Again experience it as a whole and make a note of it.

Done with them all…

In experiencing them one by one, in one of those choice, you will feel ease, comfort, effortless sailing,peace,  as if making this choice, you are at Home.

Now, you know, what choice is to be made. What road is meant for you.

Remember to keep yourself totally open while experiencing it one by one. Keep all your beliefs, prejudices, past experiences aside. Do it totally afresh. Trusting both your intellect and your heart together to guide you.

The more and more you will be trusting, the more and more it will become your nature. it will become a part of you. Then you will not need to pass through all of this process again and again. In an instance you will know, what to choose.

And that will be the day. You will be more. Your authentic true self.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal