Why change? Change is so painful. What’s wrong in being just we are.

There are two types of change. First one we impose on ourselves and second one is Nature impose on us through our environment and circumstances. Very few of us choose to change by ourselves and henceforth the Nature impose changes on us.

Change is inevitable as it is a way to growth. We all wish to grow, to enhance, to expand our horizons. But most of us are very reluctant to change. The reason is from the day we are born we are being taught to live in comfort zone. We are taught to live secured. Living as we are in our comfort zone and what we crave for is growth, abundance receiving. How to match this?

Change is inevitable, we like it or not than why not learn the graceful ways to accept change?

The best way to accept change is to remain open to change and receive it with open heart. Choose to grow, choose to change on our own.

And when we can’t for any good reason and when Nature is enforcing change on us… understand very clearly that CHANGE only occurs when you are prepared to SHIFT to the new level. You have had enough of experience and mastery of where you were. Now its your time to enhance yourself. Fix it in your heart that Nature will only impose change when it wants to avail benefits of new types of experiences. When Nature knows that you are READY for shouldering your enhanced self.

Process of change is most of the time painful as we have learned to live with our limited self. But we must be adaptable to new things, new roles, new experiences without bearing any burden of it. Without letting mind to operate its reasoning with ‘What will happen next?’ ‘What was wrong in what you were?’ ‘It’s all so uncertain..’ and so on.

When we flow with the change, when we courage to go with it, how much ever pain it may cause us, how much ever we need to pay with it…. with the flow what we receive is meeting our renowned self. The broader one, more powerful, more serene, more able, a new authentic maturely grown self. The one which we only have desperately craved for. More authentic in giving and more capable in receiving.

Isn’t it enough reason, why we should accept change? Isn’t it worth to pray for giving us more and more of such change?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal