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To a very great extent our life revolves around the pattern that has been created in our childhood. Knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, constructive or destructive, enhancing or limiting. Our childhood has immense impact on what we are exposed to in our childhood and what subconscious message and belief pattern it has created within.

To grow as a healthy adults, to prosper, lead a happy fulfilling life and to grow potentially we must know what is been implanted in that very tender age. Not just to overcome destructive and limiting pattern but also to strengthen constructive and enhancing patterns.

There are several tools and support available which can help you deal with those patterns. There are also self help available to this. Very gentle yet very effective. As it is we struggle a lot with our physical diseases psychological deformations emotional disturbances economic and environmental pressures relationship issues, then why not choose a gentle self caring way to resolve what limits us the most.

To my opinion, everyone either having happy and constructive childhood or disturbed childhood should make best use of this tool I am giving below. And we can be taken a lot by surprise what all we are holding within us and if they were not there that way, how more we could have been by this moment.

So for all those who is seeking growth in any sense in life should take out some time to have very focused and intentional effort with this tool. And be assured it a more than worth a try.

Take out some time for yourself in solitude and in silence, away from all the clutters of life for a while. Till you need it. Set an intention that “I am doing this to break my limiting patterns of my childhood and to strengthen all that is enforcing me over there. I intend to lead my life in my highest potential and capabilities.”

Have a diary and pen with you. Close your eyes and connect with your childhood. As and when some experiences of that age strikes to you put it in your diary. Along with every experience you write down, make sure to make a foot note. (This is the most important part of this entire exercise to work best and earliest for you.) If that experience was enhancing for you, give more powerful foot note to it and if the experience was disturbing and limiting to you convert it into positive one in your foot note. Whatever you were taught by your parents, neighbors, teachers, friends and their parents, all other people in your life that time, you will realise that it has kind of pattern created in you. A make belief pattern, for you and for the world around. Break free from it. Use all your experience to correct it while writing. Dig deep and flush out every single corner of it.

Reread for few days. Allow it to create a new pattern within you and in a short term you will find a new you. A Rebirth of a Phoenix.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal