All that we do in life we do to achieve result in some form. We do to satisfy our desire. Many a times we succeed but most of the time we do not. Either we achieve it in some portion or we achieve what we haven’t have expected or no result at all. And many a times we seek to know how things happen? How manifestation or desired results actually take shape? What we need to do so that we can manifest all we wish for.

There are many facets to form desire into actual result. Today I intend to share with you the very basics of how to convert our desires and efforts into the manifestation.

The roots of any creation or manifestation lies in the intention for creation and it’s alignment with its purpose. To me, intention is clear meaning a signed to why we expect certain outcome or result to what we are doing. Anything we wish to do or achieve has something to satisfy within us. May be it’s our ego or generosity or need based on our requirement or some greed or out of jealousy to showcase someone. Whatever it is but it has some roots some basic meaning for what we are motivated to do certain things. This basic motivation is called intention.

And in the entire process what we miss out is to address this very basic step or process that is to align our intention with our efforts. For example we go to some seminar say to learn some techniques then our intention here is to furnish us with some techniques or information and so which we can use for our future benefit.

What we need to do is to connect with our this meaning or root, make it clear within our self and hold it within us for all the times till we accomplish and receive manifestation.  So in above case my intention I would like to set and hold would be ‘I intend to learn new techniques to furnish in my skills. I intend to develop myself.’ Now when you align with your intention and purpose for doing a thing your manifestation becomes faster and clearer.

You achieve what you have exactly intended for.

The energy circulation for the process works with greater force to make that thing happen for you.

Just one point I would like to make here is when you align with your intention and purpose keep in mind that the more supportive the Inentions for larger living beings in the world the greater the results you will receive.

What you will be bestowed with will be ‘abundance’. So go for it. And always remember to know and align with your intentions and purpose and hold it within at all the times.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal