Life emerges in silence, in space.

What have we lost in past couple of centuries is the art of holding control of life. The art of true living. Which is in letting us emerge in silence. In letting things happen in space. And the outcome is we are running insane stressed out all the times, to be the best, to perform best and to achieve the best.

Unfortunately we are running in reverse direction. Instead of taking hold, we are losing one. Apparently we feel that we have advanced, we have made progress like never before but the fact is with same amount of effort in right direction and we could have been the Gods in ourselves.

We struggle in managing ourselves, we struggle in relationships and alignments, we struggle with desired directions and outcomes. We struggle in having control of our own life. It is very simple to say, you will say, but truly the hardest task of all of ours life. We struggle and we seek yet we can hardly succeed. Can there be a gentle way to emerge and take a hold of our own life.

The answer is just as simple and gentle. ‘Yes’. The answer lies in seven letter word ‘Silence’. Now you will say, how the most complicated issue of life can have such a simple answer. Its the way. As in Silence truth emerges. In silence we allow ourselves to make alignment, which is the key to all that emerges.

You will say we live in action packed fast pace life. Where is the room to have time go to woods or countryside or even sparing some time for meditation? Do not be worried, I will show you practically workable and yet the same effective way to resolve.

In a day, as many a times, you recollect, allow yourself to be in silence state of mind. You may close your eyes or just even while going on with task in hand. Do not force yourself too hard. Even if you can observe silence state of mind for few seconds it will be fine. But make sure to be in this state as many a times as possible through out day. Let it happen effortlessly, how prolonged doesn’t as such matter as you be for as many a times.

Again, when you find that you are losing control of a situation somehow or you need to make important choices or you need seek to know the ways out or even when you seek to know smallest to biggest questions in life. Shift to silence state of mind mode. And you will start seeing miraculous changes in life.

What happens in state of silencing mind? Our mind quiets, emotions settle, we connect deep within where all answers lye, where there are roots for life to emerge, the way we have wished and intended for. In this state of silence and space the energies takes shape and direct and manifestation occurs. It is the space where intuition emerges from. We can never have better guide or process to let our life emerge the way we have been wishing for.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal