We suffer. We cause hurt to ourselves and we also cause hurt to others. We suffer to such an extent that sometimes it forms illness to all our layers of being. intellectual, emotional and also we tend to generate ill relationships.

When this illness appears we may not find the true reasons. We do not understand how we spoiled relationship unknowingly, how we started taking reckless decisions, how sometimes we would behaved so weird, why we tend to remain frustrated, low and depressed for no apparent  reasons. We might also fell sick.

One of the sources or root causes of such triggers are in the emotions we have been forced ourselves to suppress. Whatever the reason may be but we have suppressed and stored them in our subconscious being totally unaware that what amount of harm we have been causing to ourselves. Our whole potentiality our whole being and existence we could have sacked just by not letting our emotions flow in right way towards right source.

The first and foremost remedy to get rid of this is to learn the art of flowing emotions in right way to right source. But not all of us can cultivate this art. And also how much ever we learn to do so today what to do with suppressed feelings of past? Long back and tons of it within us. Let me give you one very simple and creative solution to dissolve all of these feelings and allow subconscious to create new fresh authentic feelings for ourselves.

Have some blank sheets of papers or drawing book handy with you with some pencils and crayons or sketch pens or paint colours, any form of colours to paint your drawing with.

Take out some time in a day intending to get rid of your stale and suppressed emotions to get dissolved or flushed out.

To begin, close your eyes and connect with your heart. Try to bring in memory few of those suppressing memories. Do not try too hard and cause yourself any harm. Just try to connect with them. In just few moments you will feel like overwhelmed and give those feelings a way out. Open your eyes and start putting those overwhelming emotions on paper. Give it a shape. Like for my anger I was resembling with big fire and I used long hand drawing of fire flames. If you can not give it any shape no worries let whatever drawing or shapes comes from your pencil put it on your paper. Let your pencil free flow. Draw till you feel like you are done. Take a pause and connect with your colours. Now give your drawing or shapes colours. Remember do not be rational with your colour. Just follow your heart to guide you for colour. Your Sun can be blue and your earth can be blood red. It doesn’t matter. Choosing colour has its own science. Let this science work for you.

One more point to be taken well. These drawings are your let out tools. And you in no sense need to be master of art and creativity. Just remain connected with your heart and let it work for you through this tool. Keep on for as many days as you feel like.

One day you will know that you do not need it any more. You are now cleansed and refreshed to fill yourself with new worthy you. What say?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal