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Imagine you have entered into the woods. You have to pass across the woods to enter into your mainstream journey. The deeper you go you find two types warriors. One who wishes to support you and guide you to pass through and one who wishes to sabotage you, never allow you to move forward.

You are equipped enough you are powerful enough and also you have support enough but you lack the art of using it well. You lack the confidence of winning over these enemies.

Yes you have guessed it right. I am talking about the mind pattern prevailing in all of us. One of this pattern supports us to grow further and enhance and second one keeps you low all the time. It is that inner enemy voice that always keeps on telling us my dear you can’t. My dear you shouldn’t it is not for you to.

We all have experienced that the moment we think of something constructive or something creative, on a very moment we also hear a voice within which says very much otherwise. Our first battle we lose here itself if we allow that second sabotaging voice to win over. And if we know or learn the art of winning over this inner enemy we also learn the art of winning over outer enemies. All those who think we can’t. All of those obstructs.

How? is the huge question before most of us. Let me suggest you the simple yet very effective tool to invoke that power that strength and support within you which will enable you to conquer your most dangerous enemy sitting within you.

For beginners of this practice, sit with a diary and pencil with you. Close your eyes and connect with your innate desires. Be fully present with yourself to make the most out of this practice. When you connect with your desires and your ability to see it coming true, you will also hear a voice that would negate. For example,

Your heart will say ‘ You can climb this mountain. ‘ immediately you will hear that second voice saying ‘ you are not capable enough. ‘

Make a note of what your heart is wishing for and also what your sabotaging voice tells about it. Once written down clearly prepare yourself to confront with that inner enemy voice. Start writing all your arguments in favour of your wish. Give those arguments all your strength and wit. Keep writing till you feel relieved. Till you feel you have won.

Re-write your desire statement again with your full might. ‘ I can climb this mountain. ‘

Initially take some time and keep writing all such confronting thoughts and beliefs within you. Make sure to complete the argument and not leaving it half undone. Do remember to read or speak aloud those mightily re-framed statements for you till you feel the need.

Once you will have enough of hand on this tool. It will be easy for you to use it as and when needed. You will not need to have separate time to work on this. It will become your innate state. And over the period of time, not just would you have learned to fight with inner enemy, you would have learned the art of overcoming all that would be limiting you or obstructing you.

Over the period of time, you will find the new authentic and more serene you. The enhanced and More you.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal