belief pattern

What limits us more than we ourselves?? The only obstacle between me and Success is that ‘I’ standing in between. We believe and on those beliefs we create a belief pattern and we always want to be right so our righteousness stubborn our belief pattern. We close all rest of the doors through which we can grow and expand.

Many a times we do it consciously to protect the comfort shell we have created for ourselves and many a times to retain that righteousness ego within us. But most of the times it happens subconsciously. Anyways, when the situation arises where we can raise ourselves we can expand our horizon of perceptions or we can open up to new opportunity, these stubbornly created patterns restrict us, they limit us and work anti progressive for us.

Not going into the details of what has allowed these patterns to grow deep within us let me guide you through the process of how you can break it? How can you become more open and sensitive towards what life expects from you? What immense potential you are holding within you.

I name this process as ‘Role shifting’. This process is a free time process and you need not give it too much of your valuable time and yet it has immense effect on enhancing your perception horizons as well as breaking limiting belief patterns.

In this process, first thing you have to believe is that everyone involved is right in their own capacities. They are right at their own being level. Now what you do on daily bases for few days till you find the need, think of some event happened before you that day. It should be an event where a small group of people is involved. Like a quarrel in a train or road. A group meeting in the office or a conversation between friends at the coffee shop. You need not know them.

Observe the event very carefully, having all your senses and super senses really open. Observe each participant closely, like how is he/she is dressed up, what kind of behaviour was his/hers, what thought pattern he/she was reflecting, how weak/powerful his body language and talk was and so much more. At your free time, in your memory revisit that event. Recollect it all and now one by take a Role of each participant as if you owned it or it were you by yourself. And you were always right. In this ‘Role shifting’ you own that role so you will think everything from the point of the Role you are in. At the same time you also have to hold the belief that at that point of level or time You were right.

Once done with one Role, shift to another person and own his/her role now. Repeat the same process. Be in that role and think from his point of view and prove he was right in his capacity or level of being.

Shift roles for each participant in that event. At the end you will be surprised by owning so many belief patterns. Knowing from so many level of beings. Different perceptions, different reflections and sources of all of them. You will be enriched with so many Experiences in just one go.

Naturally flow while executing this process and you will open so many windows of new ideas, new beliefs, the doors to let in new life. You will start understanding gaining and respecting different belief systems and patterns. So your relationships will also improve drastically.

You can also play this Role shifting with different characters of your favorite fiction book or a drama or movie. You can time travel and go in any previous era or you can also choose to go to a very native territory and shift their Roles as your own. And the wisdom you will gain will be unbound. And out of all of this will emerge a new you. The very authentic and unique you.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal