energy exchange

Lets us exchange energy with Universe.

Profound Breathing : Guided Imagery Visualisation : Energy Exchange

 Close your eyes.

Relax your body.

Relax your toes.

Relax your feet.

Relax your thighs.

Relax your stomach.

Relax your chest.

Calm down all your emotions.

Relax your throat.



You are on the roof top of your building or some high mountain peak.

The dark night has embraced the entire earth in her arms.

Clouds have traveled to some other world around.

The stars and moon are sparkly showcasing their presence.

It is a perfect night to sleep into dream world.

World which you want to build for yourself.

The world of your dreams.


They are all whispering in your heart…

Spread your hands and embrace us.


Fragrance of nature is filling the atmosphere.

It is all very soothing and pleasing.

Far till horizon no thing is obstructing you meeting the sky.

Cold breeze is passing through you.

This moment it is only you and the universe.

Meeting one on one and just becoming one.

You melt with the sky.

And become the universe by yourself.

You are now the Universe.

All by yourself.


You invite the sky with open arms.

The thunder current of thrill strikes through you.

It is like whole new energy is filling your entire existence.

It is like you and the sky, the cosmos is becoming one in itself.



Start taking deep breaths.

As if you are inhaling the sky, you are inhaling the whole universe within you.

As if you are sucking the whole energy of universe within you.

Breath deep.

Breath profound.

Breath energy.

Breath Universe.

Hold it for a while.

Fill your lungs, fill your whole body, your whole existence with this new power of energy.


Now you have whole universe within you and it is now the time for you to give back to universe.


You exhale.

Breath out.

From your naval to top of your head.

From every cell of your body.

You exhale.

You exhale so fully, so deeply that you are exhaling your whole self.

Your whole existence out of you.

Through breath, through air.

To the universe. you are filling universe with your own energy.

Here I come Universe.

Absorb me within you.

And fill me with all your energy.


Again inhale.

Inhale the whole cosmos energy.

Inhale the power.

Hold it for a while.

Be the energy yourself.

Be the power yourself.


Now Exhale.

Fill the universe with your energy.

Mark your presence there with your whole existence.

Be in this experience for 5 minutes.

Dissolve yourself in this new energy and power.

Be in this experience for 5 minutes or till you feel like being in.

When out, open your eyes slowly.

You are now empowered. You enter the world with refreshed self.

Your true self.

Note down later, what changes you felt after this experience.

Give it your five minutes, every single morning and evening.

Enjoy the universe within you.


Stay blessed.

Open your eyes.

You are filled with powerful new energy.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal