inner self

On a way to growth some points can come when we seek deeper meaning of self and existence. What our life is meant for? Why we are the way we are? What is life expecting from us? All such questions are signs that we are yet seeking for deeper meaning for self. We haven’t found the expression of our deeper yet deeper self.

Let me enrich you with one of the resources I find as creatively effective. It is also very light and enjoyable process to a very deep question of our life. What is the deeper meaning of myself? This process is also for those who intends to live more meaningful and fulfilling life.

I call this process as ‘Own your story’.

At some quiet place and some quiet time, sit with a diary and pen. To begin with close your eyes and intend that ‘Today I intend to know my deeper self, I intend to bring on surface my inner hidden self for more meaningful and satisfying life. May today I can exfoliate it for me.’ Intention is that energy which gives clear meaning to what we desire to manifest. Bring in memory a playful child within you. When you get that natural smile on your whole self start creating a story. Your story can be anything you have known or anything you have imagined or anything you can get attracted with for now. Make sure during this entire process you remain connected with your heart and yet deeper self and you put your mind on some unknown desk.

Your story need not be a structured story. Nor should the character remain same throughout. Say for example my story would go like this : ‘And a horse came to drink water. Bella, the heroin was in big trouble as a villain was behind her. The butterflies were muttering all around.’… And so on. Keep writing at great length. Be not be short of ideas, just connect with heart and whatever you feel keep writing in a story form. Remain light and do not bother yourself in any kind of pressure.

Simply keep flowing. Until you finish writing do not turn back to see what have written previously. Once done, at ease, start reading it sentence by sentence. See what sense is it making to you in connection with your deeper or hidden self. Again do not pressurize yourself. It is a process. It is a journey and you might not have immediate answer but since you have started exploring you will find it soon. Whichever statements are making some kind of sense to you keep noting down. Here the question arises is how do you know that the meaning you are attaching is truly right and meaningful to you or not? The clear indication or sign is ‘You know it is. You will feel a sigh of relief. You will feel at home.’

Revisit your notes frequently so you remain in touch with them and you can update them with new findings. And soon you will have what you have sought for.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal