moon meditation

Many a times in life comes situation where we find ourself ‘less’ insufficient not enough capable. At the same time we also find the need to be more. Although we already are that ‘more’ but in complexities of life we loose touch with that more.

The most difficult part in our lives are confusion regarding our emotions. How to know them clearly and how to handle it effectively so that ‘more’ within us become more and more prominent. Are you looking for this?

Let me guide you my way. How I regain that part of me. And my way is getting connected with the collective energy of Nature. Which in itself is profound pure magnetic and giver by its own nature. And of course one can give what one has for oneself.

So whenever I find the need to be more to overcome incapable or insufficient part that has aroused in me. I go to a clean natural place. My favourites are beach or woods.

Being with them for a while and I find all my negativity flushing out effortlessly. As if like someone is taking care of all my toxins very silently. When I am back I am more in control of myself more serene and powerful to handle me and my situation. Filled with fresh energies and gusts of new life flowing through me.

What is it that makes this happen to all those who comes to nature knowingly or unknowingly. Although when it is intentional and knowing process the outcome is much more profound. What it is that can take fill n number of people at a time with such a profound energy?

There are two aspects which makes this process whole. First one is intention of Nature which is of an unconditional giver. A super storage of energy source. And second aspect is in their collectivity.

Each and every drop of ocean beach sand the air and space of the place the Sun or the moon. They all have their individual capacity and power and they are huge. Now think of when they become one unit or they become collective what immense power or energy it can produce to freely share with anyone who comes to them. Same with every single leaf or fruits flowers branches trunk trees air space earth below Sun or moon above. They all are filled with their individual power and wisdom to share with us . And if you can truly connect with it intentionally can you even imagine what can you gain? What can you overcome? What can be again?

Only if you are just a bit open to it. Are you?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal