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My creative expression definition is the ability to express yourself effectively. When the expression in any form come from deep within for exactly what your intend to project in itself becomes creative. May it be any form, verbal expression writing painting singing dancing sculptures. In any way your projection comes it is so beautiful that it looks like creativity and art. Creativity is related to beauty in expression.

Our relationship can be creative expression our daily routine work even like working with numbers can be a creative expression.  Anything where we present or express ourselves beautifully or poetically that the world has to go in with your flow is creativity. It is your creative expression.

Expressing yourself beautifully is that art which everyone possesses inherently and yet if you are finding it lacking or you still feel the need to be more fluently expressing even it can be cultivated.

This creativity suffice mostly when we lack the clarity of self and the scope and purpose of our doing. It also suffices with emotional confusions fear of expression fear to be accepted prevailing within us. There are many aspects to why we lack but here we will not go into details.

We will only look into the ways or tools that can enhance our creative expression ability. I call this process as ‘defining differently’.

In this process what we will do is to take up some very simple project or task and will try to define it. What will be your first choice of form to express your task in hand? Do it that way. Now the very same task or project express in completely different form of expressing. Say for your first choice was to expressing in a writing form. Choose to express the same only through your drawing. Now we will again choose to express same task in completely varied form. Say may be a complete non verbal expression that is mono inacting.

Be fluent and stay connected with your deeper self and focus on what you are projecting. Just be yourself while projecting and keep the fear of what people will think of you or how will I be taken or will people accept me or not completely aside of you. If you can throw off all such fears nothing like that. But even if you can’t make sure to keep it aside while you are working on your skills.

Few other small small tips to be adapted in routine life, do 3 things differently. Say for example try writing with leg rather than with your hand. Be it just be few words or one sentence. Combing hair with your other than usual hand. Make sure to do 3 things differently at the same time make sure to experiment with different different activities and also experiment with different different forms of doing. If you are going to office by car everyday on some days choose to take public transport instead. You are going to some park for your daily walk choose the beach instead.

Choose some other form in expressing ‘I Love You.’

Dare to be different all the times but consistently and within few days be assured you will find yourself less blocked fluently expressing effectively and clearly expressing. Deeply expressing and that is why more and more people will be accepting you.

Creativity is beautiful expression of self. It only knows the form and language of heart and soul the beautiful self within you. It needs not br known as it is known by heart and soul in itself. The more creatively and beautifully you will express the more lives you will touch. The more enhanced you will be.

Creativity is energy flow. The less blockage you allow the more you can flourish. And the outcome would be same again. The ‘more’ you.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal