We lack as we do not believe. We limit as we lack. We need resurgence as we limit. In root we become what we believe. What to believe and how much to believe is again a matter of deep knowing. Today I wish to route you to creating reservoir for your self belief, a source of your self-esteem or self-worth.

Many a times in life, we look for outside sources to boost our own worth or esteem. Most of the time we get that support after a bit of struggle, even if we get it it is insufficient or short striking. Some of the times we get that support with adding some frustration as well because that support is from outside. The best way out is generating self system to supply the energy of belief to us as and when needed.

I call this process as ‘Creating Self Reservoir’. The natural source of supply of boosting energy for us.

Before we get into the process let me tell you that this is not a quick fix. The more we work on it the more we can create . This reservoir is created with new belief pattern based on combine effect on our mind our emotions and actions all together. This reservoir is will take into account our current position and will only take you one step up. After taking motivational guidance, we still fail because those are quick jumps and in case of lack of self worth quick jump mostly short live or sabotage rather than uplift you. And that’s the reason in beginning we will only lift one step at a time.

In a diary, make a note of first area where you feel your self worth is not supporting you enough. You can be more. For example in office you feel that you deserve higher manager post. You have that caliber but somehow it is not getting reflected in your work. No one can notice the talent or caliber that is hidden within you as you yourself is in confusion. You crave for it but you do not believe in yourself. You are in a self doubt. What you have identified for yourself mention in a diary. Next step observe your emotions,  and on that basis think of one change you can bring in to improve your self image or worth. If you feel too scary or too anxious make a very small change you can bring. Visualise yourself working on that change and again observe how you feel. If you are feeling comfortable you can push to little harder change as well or just remain with the comfortable one. Remember, what change you plan to bring, should be workable on daily bases and immediate as well. No long term promise will ever work. So only those changes which plan to implement immediately on you. Third and most important part, bring that change into action, implementation immediately.

This is just working on one small area than how is it going to create change reservoir for you? You will ask. It will. Believing in yourself begins with just those small step in some of the areas may it just be one. As it will rewire your belief system and your emotional energy will improve in many areas even at the smallest of change. Because by bringing one small change in you which you felt you cannot, will create tremendous confidence in yourself. Out of that only small portion will be needed to bring that one change and rest will go into the account of ‘Self Reservoir’. But make sure, the moment you get confident with one change push your self to more areas at a time with harder change for you.

Working well on you, in some time, not just you be equipped with confidence in you, but you will be changing others with your contagious reflection. And as always you will be the ‘more’ you.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal