When in despair, going through rough patches, not finding ways out, feeling totally hopeless.. believe in one thing for sure. Someone is taking care of all of us. Some almighty form who can manage all of the lives on this universe single handily…

Someone’s love is so profound that it can take care of all of us at one time and operate in such a way that simultaneously we all can grow. Growth is what life is meant for. Exfoliating potential is what life is meant for.

Struggle only exist when we deny to accept that whatever is happening is happening for my growth. Struggle is indication that we need to evolve is some part of our life. We lack somewhere, we need to grow and we have opportunity to grow. And by all means we can remain connected with the knowingness that someone is taking care of ALL OF US at a time, that struggle will take new shape. Your energies will divert towards your growth rather than what struggle you are facing.

In all of this, one thing is for sure, whether you give it a name of belief, God, Almighty, Nature whatever, We have been given life for our own growth first and all despairs, struggles, rough roads lead us to the same. And when we choose to participate and co operate with what our life is guiding us towards we add to the force of that flow. We grow sooner and smoother.

If you are convinced then whenever next struggle comes just tell yourself ‘Someone is taking care of me’.And every passing phase I am growing…


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal