Nurturing life and growth can be gentle. Most of us believe that only by meeting life’s struggle we learn and we grow. But the fact is we struggle because we haven’t nurtured ourselves well enough. Life is truly not worth a suffering. Life is worth a very gentle nurturing.

In general, we only choose to learn and grow when life thrashes us with some form of struggle. May it be inner or may it be outer. But we only seek at the time of despair. Here is a catch.

We have two choices in life. One, to face the struggle, learn and grow. Second, to nurture ourselves well and take life smoothly as it comes. What will you choose???

Some people say life can turn tyranny in so many ways, how would you predict and keep yourself ready for?? But my dear ones… the fact is we do not have to prepare ourselves for the situation or tyranny that can arise. We just have to prepare ourselves, we have to nurture ourselves in a way that Let any situation arise, we can gently meet it and win it the way we have wished for. Smoothly with least of struggles.

Nurturing self, invoking potential to highest, living whole healthily and happily… all of this can be





And yet very effective and authentically powerful.

This is the fact of life. Its just that we choose it that way.

What is needed to be done? First and foremost Know yourself as deeply as possible and remain with it in constant connection. Second establish every moment dialogue open with your inner self. Next, look for your aspirations, cravings, desires and dreams, know the real meaning of these needs. Why and from which source is this arising… Third understand why haven’t you been able to meet them yet. What obstructs you from within? What holds you back? What lets you flourish? Keep journaling all of these. Remember while in this process, Not to blame any outsider or environment or circumstances for anything that is holding you back. Insert deep within that ‘Only you are the obstruction between who you are and who you can be’ and ‘Only you are the remedy to bring you out of this.’ Things can only work for you if you allow things to work on you.

The moment you start realizing what is from within you is obstructing you start taking remedial measures as well. Step by step with patient and persistence. Make sure choose remedies where you do not hurt you more.

Intend to change. Intend to grow. Take maximum remedial advantage of Nature. Flush everything there. Ask for serenity and strength from there and you will given. Use creative outburst as your remedy. Painting, Singing, Instrument playing, sculpturing, whatever suits you. Whatever your inner solace demands for.

Begin today. Nurture yourself gently creatively and naturally. The day will come very soon when you will be facing profound you. The authentic yourself.

Would you?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal