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We work to succeed. We do to achieve. We crave for sustained success. Prolonged success and progressive success. Success has many definitions and several paths to get through. None is ever wrong unless and until the Base for success aspiration and seed source of success tree is true in nature. And when one is seeking progressive and sustained success . The truthfulness and righteousness of this seed is most important.  The whole growth and strength of the tree depends upon the quality and truthfulness of its seed, the source.

How to know? How to check how strong and true our Base is?

Once we learn to know it and correct it and we learn to build it right, nothing can ever stop us from growing. The ever growing tree of success.

Today I intend to guide you how to check your source seed and if needed how to correct it and make it whole. Whole success is when it nurtures you gives you sense of fulfilment with ease you enhance and you serve others grow as well and it gives you material and practical worldly benefits as well. Whole success is sustained one and ever growing.  Where sky is not the limit.

Sit at some quiet place and connect within. Connect with your craving for success. What is your definition for success and why you need it? What purpose will it solve for you? Every need has a reason.  Check for that reason or few reasons that is motivating you.

Is it coming out of your greed ego selfishness illusions jealousy or is it coming out of your self satisfaction service purpose growing intentions or is it based on some outside reason that is material benefits competition proving yourself to others etc.

There is no way the outside motivations do not produce you results but they are limited and it serves to limited. You may seeing people growing on this Base but you will not see them making any mark on others.  It means they are truly capable of building but is their stepping stone would have been more intrinsic they could have done far far better than what they could have done.

So first and foremost if your source reasons are extrinsic please turn them inwards and convert into intrinsic ones. Now even in intrinsic reasons if the seeds are sprouting out of malice purposes it will sooner or later sabotage your efforts and  others as well. The nature’s rule is the crop will be as qualitative and rewarding as the seed will be. So it’s for you to choose.

What happens when the intrinsic seed is truthful and nurturing as well. It may take its course you may find it difficult to retain with but the day it will gather all strength just think of how will it sprout and what amount of result and reward will it produce? For self and for all of the others.  Sky universe, no limits..

What you intend to receive? How will check and how will you correct if so needed? Do you have enough belief and patience to wait for the right time to bloom???

What kind of success are you looking for partial or whole?

When you know that you can and you are in flow.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal