Simply express Yourself. Connect with your being and let universe know what is within you. Do not feel shy, do not block with fears. Simply flow and express. Sing your song, dance your grace, narrate your tales and poems, play your games, paint your whole self, sculpt your texture, speak from your very core, work artistically. Let anything you do be your own expression, be your creation, be your art. Let everyone know its you.

It doesn’t matter what language you use, which form you use, at which level you perform… What matters is from where you express and which chords you are touching. When you express from the very core of your Being, you are bound to touch hearts and souls. You can. You must. Soul knows no language soul knows no barrier. What soul knows is your creativity and your expression.

Decide how you want world to know you. And freely flow in expressing the same. Whatever you think, you feel, you do, you express is all reflection and expression of your whole being. Decide how you want to project yourself. And more deep your expression will be the more lives more souls you will be touching.

Make every move swiftly, put every act kindly, think every thought gently, feel every emotions lovingly. Know that you are an Artist. You are a Creator. And do everything out of this fundamental knowing.

The world needs you. The Universe wish to play and work through you. Participate in Universe act for life. Simply flow. Surrender yourself to your own creativity and your own whole being.

The more you will express, the more you will surrender, the more you will flow, the deeper your creative expression will go. the more you will know yourself. The more authentic serene and powerful you will become. And one day you yourself will become synergy. The best way to live potentially is to let yourself express very freely, fearlessly, deeply as much as possible. And the result will be immense creation and abundance for you and for all those you wish for.

Its infinite, limitless, and most potent form of living.

What have you decided? How you wish the universe to know You???


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal