Man on top of mountain

Anything that we truly deserve and we do not get is defeat for us. Anything we can not manage and resulting into despair or stress is a defeat for us. Being victim of unfair game is a defeat for us. There are several forms of defeats or failures, what is important to be seen is what attitude we are wearing? What reactions we give to a defeat? How can we make the most out of our failure or a defeat???

Tho most basic reason for a defeat is that we had a loose control over the conduct. If we had true ownership over the conduct we would have known all necessary ingredients to win, we would have prepared it that way. Here I mean every single ingredient including our working psychology, emotional strength, focus, having known all the factors and consequences to deal with.

So when we fail, the first thing what is needed to be done is to own the responsibility. of our conduct, participation and lacking somewhere to not achieving the outcome as we anticipated. What we do is the easiest thing, find something to blame for. Others conduct or situation not in favour or insufficient infrastructure and so on… But they are all excuses. When we are in control of everything, we are prepared more than enough, success becomes inevitable. Winning has to come. Stress or depression or despair should be miles away.

So with honest exercise, take account of what was needed and where WE failed to deliver. Be open and receptive and always remain inwards while in this process. You may fumble go crazy feel shattered but still continue. Take your stock fully. Keep your heart tough during the process and keep on till you find out all your fallacies.

Become a warrior by then. Promise yourself to bring all necessary modifications and improvement within you. Take more responsibility over yourself and next conducts. Find out ways for improvisation and start taking actions in that direction without any further delay. Hit yourself hard when the disguise is breaking you.Take true support. Keep intending for changing yourself for better. Remain connected within and look for the answers and hints. Follow them diligently. And most importantly BRING change within. Work on your core. Work on your values and beliefs you have created within you. Work on your strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

Only this is the moment you will be able to work on you. Only this is the time you can rise up like a phoenix, like a warrior and like a true leader.

What better opportunity can you ever have to improve and grow and get ready for much bigger winnings. Much bigger achievements? Are you prepared to do this?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal