Where are the occurrences created? Where the manifestations happen? We believe that it is we who creates things. It is we who brings manifestations. True but there has to be some place where they take shape. where they take shape?  Why some can achieve and most others can not.

Where does this alchemy generated? You will say its energy which we attract, we evolve and direct for us to descend manifestation for us.

If we know where this alchemy get produced and if we use it well, if we allow it to work for us, consciously, it will create wonders for us. What we call as miracles will start pouring on us. The abundance and bliss it will follow will be unfathomable.

This alchemy has many ingredients but today I intend to let you know about the Base where it takes shape. Its ‘space’ or ‘vacuum’ or ‘void’ we name it. In the ‘space’ the energy gets direction. It is that mystic place where it all get revealed.It is the place where everything is known shaped and manifested.  How? is yet to be known fully. For us for now, its to know how to make optimum use of it. And make our life immensely effective.

Why our ancestors could do much beyond we could ever have imagined for. We know that even we have all those same powers or rather supreme powers. But we can not even exfoliate for our day to day manifestations.

The core reason behind the lost art of manifestation is we have forgotten the art of ‘Letting Space Work For Us’. In believing we as doer of all, this has happened.

How to effectively use this space to work for us and surrender to the outcome at the will of supreme intelligence or the nature or god whatever we may call. Here we are making optimum use of space so at the base we are only the doer or creator of the outcome. What we surrender is the shape of outcome that is going to be reciprocated. We may put our wish but if we do not bind the Doing with Result with our narrow perception or mind. What we can receive is unimaginable. Beyond our all capacities even to think or know. Its true. Its possible.

What is needed is to allow that space to enter into our day to day life. Its very simple and surely we love it as well. Every now and then, between your work, while in stress, while before important work, while making choices and even otherwise, give yourself break of at least 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes just sit back and relax. Just be observer and take account of all that is happening. Do nothing. You may get connected with sky or nature or engage into some creative activity, but leave what you were doing at that moment. Use this space for you and also allow that space to others connected with you. Relax as much as possible or at least keep your mind calm. Let your emotions be settled for a while.

And you will be surprised to know how to effectively handle it all. May it your work, a relationship, some achievement process. Simply anything. You will not know and you will be guided. You will not know and surrounding will be created for you. You will not know and you will gain immense serenity and power to Let it all happen for you and for others as well.

So. While in Space, Intend and surrender to that Space to work for you.

Will you?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal