Growing Rich from within is Key to Enhance. The more you cultivate the ability to enhance the richer you become from within. Why enhance? Because we crave to grow. We crave to live rich life. We crave to have more impact on our life and that of others.

To some people, they just pass through, they breath they do their routine and they live and they pass by. And some, wants to make the most out of live. They live to grow. They live to make impact. They live in true sense. What is your choice? If your choice is to live for growth then I can share with you a tool which can let you grow from within.

The ultimate richness satisfaction is in fulfillment. And fulfillment comes from Richness of self. How much you evolve, how deep you experience, how you enhance your perception, how deep you understand yourself and others, how loving caring and compassionate can you become? How happier and purposeful you can live.

I always love to share this tool I call as ‘cultivate enhancebility’. It is in fact a process, the more you cultivate it, the more you will grow sensitive, the more inwards. Within you and within everyone. You will be able to own the pains and qualities of other living things, their perception, their level of life. And ultimately you will grow with experience which in life you would not have gotten to know. End result, you become richer and richer and you enhance.

When on road, while travelling, keep your thoughts inside your beg. And look around. What do you see? What do you hear? How does the atmosphere around smells? What is the texture of this road scene? What taste is it giving you?  Now. Connect within and try to know what vibrations is it giving you? What collective energy are you feeling there?

Could you? Now again sense all of these more deeply. Hear beyond the noise. Hear inside sound. See beyond apparent. Read deep within. Feel texture beyond skin. Feel the texture of lives there. Taste beyond tongue to soul fulfillment level. Smell beyond nose to what indication is it giving to you?

Did you?? Now what does this whole experience tell you? What message are you getting there? What are your instincts telling you? Can you sense what can happen next in your life? Can you?? If yes. Later that day, compare and check. Most probably you will be surprised that you could sense it early. Yes this is how you can. Slowly and gradually. You can go beyond. You can Enhance.

In no matter of time, you will know that perception has grown. Your sensitivity has become more powerful. You can sense beyond. Your beliefs and actions have changed. You have changed by yourself and so is the world around.

This tool you can use for anything and everything. Gazing sky, In front of beautiful rose, watching movie. Anywhere for anything. The result, you grow in experience. You grow Rich from within. And gradually you grow Richer outside as well.

What say? Would you like to get indulge into this??


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal