Perception, a different point of view, a broader sense of something. Why do we need it? We have certain beliefs and based on that certain approach towards life and we are working fine with it. Then why do we need to get indulge into other perceptions or different view point?

Life is multi faceted and can never be known or defined with just one point of view. The view outside is different from every single window that is opening to that view. Not even side by side window will ever give you exactly the same view. So if you are eager to enjoy the beauty of that view fully you need to open more than one window and open the different facet opening to that view. Likewise if you are a life lover and you wish to enjoy the beauty of life. You need to use different different view points to know the life and enjoy it more Fully.

Perception is a mind process and mind is our gateway to infinite living. Mind is our gateway to more potent living and more fulfillment in life. The closed we remain or stuck we remain, we loose the opportunity to be more. In power, in serenity, in authenticity, in giving and in receiving. Who will want this?? We all have craving to be More in some or the other way. Then how can we remain stuck or closed enough to shut it all for us and be satisfied with whatever it is?

Only a little shift, only opening one more window and we can invite the infinite version that we are. When we become open to other view points we become receptive to more opportunities, to new level of understanding, we melt and henceforth we get to know more, we become more authentic and thus our entire being is shifted a new height, a new level. Now giving and receiving is more powerful and so more fulfilling. To us and to others as well.

How do we do this? A very simple exercise. Take two simple words or objects and make a meaningful sentence out of it. The first thing that strikes to you. Now shift your role. Feel that you are a child then what sentence would you frame out of those words or objects? Make a note. Again shift a role, say now you are a lawyer, what would you frame. Now say you are a lover, what you would have framed? Take at least ten roles. Very much different from each other. You can also change genders and try. But make sure every category you choose is very different from other categories. And see what can you frame. You will enjoy it.

Gradually, for every situation in life or for every question that arouse within you, try this exercise and you will be finding more facets of yours opening before you. We are not just we are living as. We are much more, we have so many facets within us that we do not even touch and they die with us totally untouched. Think, how rich we could have lived if we allow all those facets to be living at a time. Same goes for facets and approaches to issues and facets of life as well. We have it all, we just need to be more open, more receptive, more sensitive towards all that life has provided to us.

Want a try? Giving you two words here for you to begin with.

Rain and Rainbow.

Share in comments, and we help each other opening to many view points at a time. Would you?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal