Deep dive within

Our desires are just the tip of iceberg. Knowing our desires are like exploring our whole self. Desires are language of our soul to express it’s path for growth. The only thing is we must know how to handle our desires. How to deep dive and fulfill the main source of its generation and make the most out of it for our wholesome growth.

The root source of our desires are different from its very outcome. When we dig deep to know we realize that it is a demand from our core of being. And when we meet that demand, fuel it with right energy, it gets nourished and vanishes on its own. At the same time it results into deep satisfaction at our other levels of being.

Say we are craving for recognition for our work, say a hike in pay check or acknowledgment from senior in presence of all our colleagues. This is our craving. This is our desire and we are suffering badly in non receipt of same. Why? Am I not enough worth? I am giving more than needed even then? Our within cries. It is in our hand what to be done with this on going desire?

We have the choice of throwing tantrums, being in state of deep stress, decrease in our productivity, non co operation, aloofness or depression OR we can choose to turn inwards, try and know why we have this craving? What is it that is remaining dissatisfied and provoking this demand. Why? What? Where? The answer may vary from person to person. But say your answer is that you lack self confidence. And if this the reason, it would have been reflecting on your work somewhere or other. Your lack in self confidence can be the reason of not receiving what you deserve for. AND it can also be reflecting on many other areas of your life.

There are few core areas in our life, when we reach till there and address them in right manner, our life can flourish like anything. Unbound, Infinite. This is the reason, why remaining connected with self is must. Now in this case, once you have known your root cause, you need and try the solutions. You may go for self talk, support of near n dear one, read books, turn to nature, be in prayer mode. It should be how your within guides you. But you must take those steps. And in no while the life can be more beautiful and rich in many more facets. We may be shifted to a yet another level.

For seekers, one more reason to deep dive in your desires is that you get to know yourself very well. You come to know more about your wholeness, your authenticity, your purpose of being and at which level of life are you residing. The more you know about it all, the more power you generate to get it corrected, strengthen it and lead towards infinite version of you. And one day you reach a stage where by you now deeply understand all other fellows and their reactions in day to day life and you can handle it well. With authentic means, you are compassionate now, and you enhance. You make difference in others life as well.

Do we need more?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal