We receive either because we demand or we ask, or because we deserve or because we have created balance in our favour. This is as simple as energy exchange law of life. This exchange consist of material energy, spiritual or immaterial energy, known source or unknown source of energy. Both in receiving and in giving. In life, we create that center point where all of these counts and abundance is determined. Check it in your life and you will know for you and for others as well. You will also have a way, you are seeking for more.

First and fundamental thumb rule in life. We Only have the right to Receive in exchange of Giving. The ‘more’ you give or contribute the ‘more’ you receive. Now let’s check all of the cases. Second thumb rule, when you demand, you will only receive in that proportion but if you insist to become more of ‘DESERVING’ in nature than demanding. You will be able to attract energy and abundance of all SORT. Not just material one.

Make an account with Life bank or Nature bank.

When we ask or demand, what we receive is in proportion and the kind of demand we have raised. Here, if we are less deserving and we demand, we may receive it but our account will go negative. So some other time, we would receive less even if we will be giving enough. If for now, you have a feeling of receiving less than what you are giving. Check your previous record. Secondly, you may receive but only to the extend you have the guts to demand for. Now, what if you have contributed much more but you only have courage to demand to certain extent. You fear to ask for more… You are in Loss. Hardly few of us know the energy exchange or abundance rule of life or nature. Whatever we may call.

But we are living and we also have to make living. So at times we have to demand or ask. What to do in this case?

The answer is. Be aware of your Giving part. Materially, expressively, intellectually, fundamentally and emotionally. Ask for lesser than that but be sure that you are depositing rest in your Nature/Life bank account without Tagging any Return conditions to it. Let the bank decide your VALUE for all your deposits.

Insist on becoming more and more Deserving. In terms of giving efforts, expressions, value for work, love, care, selfless giving, co operation, wishing well for all, forgiving, gratitude, flow and energy exchange. BE more and more of a giver Without Tagging any value to it. Fill your account so heavy that it has to break and shower it all to you.

In past, if our so created account was running in negative, correct it with extra exchange, and even in past your balance was in your favour, very soon abundance is on your way. Be sure of it.

This is what unconditional giving is all about. This is the receiving and giving proportion in life is all about. It is simple in knowing and as simple in applying. Needs some efforts but they are more worth than anything else in Life.

What you say?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal