Happy Friendship Day!! The messages started pouring each minute. It meant different to all and they conveyed it all through their messages. I sunk in finding what true meaning of friendship is?

For me, meaning of true friendship is, having the deeper sense of ‘Coexistence’. To whom so ever we feel we coexist, are our friends. ‘ I am I because of you and You are You because of me.’ Friendship is a deeper sense of love care and gratitude. Extension of our own self. We are as enhanced and as spread-ed as our scope of this feeling.

What it means? It means that today our richness in life is enriched by thousands and millions of people, known or unknown. Extending it, our life is enriched by millions and trillions of living being existing on our planet and even the entire universe. More consciously we bow down and accept this fact, more rich will go our life. Why? How? When we accept the fact that we are all coexistent beings, we become less of ‘I’ and more of ‘We’. We open the doors for many more to pour in our lives and vice versa. All very consciously. To known ones and unknown ones. To each and every living beings and not just humans.

How do I impact and contribute to more and more and more of lives??

To begin with, I can pray for all of them, consciously, compassionately. Prayer is the largest circulating and manifesting energy ever existing in this Universe. Secondly, by broadening my perception and enhancing my vision, making conscious efforts to accept people as they are and trying to know their understanding and approach to life. The more loving and caring I become, the more humans live’s i can touch everyday. Even a sweet smile to some unknown sad face on road can make his day. A booster.

Thirdly, I would indulge and know, how the chain of accomplishment take place and appreciate feel gratitude for all of them and promise myself to be an active part of many such accomplishments in many many lives. For example for a piece of food that would satisfy my hunger and soul by the taste, I would consciously know and appreciate the chain of Farmer, his family and his co workers, soil, sun, rain, water, ocean, clouds, trees, seeds, suppliers, carriers, whole-sellers, retailers,  cooks, cleaners, utensil manufacturers and merchants, metal diggers, researchers, scientists, endless list isn’t it? And last but not least ‘that supreme intelligence’ which governs it all. A one piece of  food we intake is a contributions of millions of lives.

Although they do it for their returns, they contribute and serve to our lives as well. When we cultivate this sense of serving and contributing, we mark ourselves as ‘FRIENDS’ of living beings. The more deeply it works in us, more effective and enhanced will it work on other lives. From us to our family, to our friends and other near and dear ones, to our locality and society, to our village/city, to country to continent, to the globe and universe at its large. From humans to other creatures to plants and minerals and elements like earth, water, fire, air and space.

Our world is our coexistence.

I am I because of all of you. You are you because of all of us.

Let’s together make our coexistence worthy, cheerful and lively…

Let’s together be a stairs for each other. Happy Friendship Day. Today and every single day.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal