One fine morning
A tree grew in me
A thick wide and stong
Healthy branches lush green leaves
Creating most suitable environment
For flowers and fruits to sing
I asked tree why you grew in me
It whispered you craved for
Strength and steadiness in you
You eagered to know for life
And so I grew in you
Now when you feel the need
Embark on me and you will need
No other source as you will find in me
That day on
I looked upon this tree and grew
And any other branch I ever need.

 We ask from Nature and Nature will nurture us with all it’s love care and warmth. What we need is know when and how to what we lack, what we still have to fill ourselves with. The moment we learn to know and ask, will be the moment we will be refilled.
There is no other powerful, pure and ever filling n giving energy source in entire world as the Nature has. Every single creation of Nature is immensely filled with some or the other life qualities. Ocean has expanse and depth and  ever succumbing power. Space has the capacity to let everything happen for you. Earth has solidity, compassion and strength. Air fills with life and breath. Water can flow and wash all the toxins. Fire can transform.
Tree is in itself has all lessons of life. Sharing with you one of my favourite ritual at woods.
Hug a Tree.
When in woods choose one tree. A thick firm fat and fuller one. Stand very close to that tree. Watch it for a while and listen what it tells you about him. Connect with tree. Make your connection deeper. Know how you feel about this tree.
What does this tree means to you???
Let your inner self answer you.
You finding something changing within you??
Now Hug the tree. Very tight. With closed eyes. Feel every bit of the tree. As much as you can. With whatever is your meaning for tree.  Connect with all the energy and quality of this tree.
And pray it to fill you with same.
Let one tree grow in you. In literal sense. And nurture it daily like would you when you sow a seed. Feel all its processes day by day. And never in life will you lack strength. Never in life will you need to search out for the strength you may lack.
Same way, take a bare foot walk on ground, woods, grass, beach sand. Connect with Earth. Feel all its meaning and quality of yours and pray for it for yourself.
Enter the ocean waves. Again same process.
Be at some fire ceremony. Or go for campfire once in a while.
Be at the top of the mountain and connect with valley and mountain as well.
Let the air freshen you time to time.
Flowers, fruits, butterfly, rainbow, stars, sky, feathers, this list is endless…
All these while, remember to connect with that Nature element deeply. Listen to what it tells you. Listen to what meaning and quality it has for you to know. Pray to fill you with that quality. Fully. And not in life would you be lonely, lacking, weak, toxic or timid.
The day you will learn to accept Nature’s nurturing for you, you will only be growing, expanding, impacting and most importantly self fulfilling.
Have you felt this??
In love with Life.
Your Co-Creator
Minal Dalal