We do not receive because we never seek. We just pass by. We breath, we do, we live. We only try to KNOW when we are in turmoil. If we are seeker and if we intend to make more and more out of life, the first and foremost way is to connect and to know.

There are several ways shown to us. From our ancestors to our Gurus of all time. Some of them need your sacredness, aloofness, solitude which requires retirement which is little unsuitable as per today’s life demands. And yet we are seekers, in fact, we are passing through the evolution phase where this seeking, this quest is growing deeper and deeper.

We want to run with the time and we want to know. How to match both this?

To me, the best way for same is to hang on with the question ‘WHY’ at all the times. We crave for something ask withing why? Why you need it? We felt something, ask why we felt so? We reacted in some way, ask why we did so? Ask yourself WHY for everything you live for, you breath for.

You have some definition form of success and you crave to achieve it. We all do. Ask yourself ‘why’ you this is your definition of success. Success has so many facets, so many ways, so many faces. Why this particular definition or way or mask is your craving?

Intend to know. Intend to know from your the very depth of your essence, your core.

After, some struggle, some evaporation of confusing emotions, clearance of belief patterns, voices of social demands, you will meet your true state of your being as of now. Here is where your core needs lie. Fear, Self liming traits, anxiety, ego, selflessness, greed, power to control, illusions, selfishness, love care and compassion, name and fame.

You will meet few of them. Here is the core of your need. Here are your true intentions and purpose.

Here you also get the chance to moderate yourself if you find the need to do so. You also get the chance to strengthen as well. You can now moderate and correct or you can strongly follow it henceforth clearing all debris or confusions or hurdles that was stopping you from the very outcome you could have achieved.

Now you can LEAD. From the very essence of your being. Now since you have known them, you can operate more efficiently, more effectively, more wisely and powerfully. Your efforts remain same and yet the result becomes more powerful, more authentic and a bridge to your next level of achievement. Which should be the true nature of any achievement. Once you achieve something, it should effortlessly open before you the more doors of achievement. The far better achievements. Whatever kind it may be. Emotional winning, relationship strengthening, economic achievement, breaking the barriers, achieving goals, anything simply anything.

Hanging with one simple ‘WHY’ for all that you experience, all that you crave for, even for all that you achieve. And your doors for growth and infinite living will be open before you, whole heartily.

Isn’t hanging with this one question and working on your inner turmoil and then living authentic worth than fighting with outer turmoil and living small?

Decide and do.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal