We touch. We touch by touching, by words, by our deeds, by our reflection, by our presence, just by being ourselves, by our malice emotions, by our thoughts, by our spirit, by our love care and warmth, by our intentions.

We touch numerous lives each moment we live. And our life is reflection of how we touch the other lives.

In any form, our touch is what we truly are. If you wish to know yourself mirror it by knowing how you reflect on others. What others perceive about you. This is one of the way of knowing your Existence. Your outer reality to the world.

Your Existence, or outer reality is outcome of your Being that is your core or inner reality clubbed with emotions and emotional confusions, mental strength and weaknesses, your split personalities, the patterns you are holding within you. Altogether they surface as your Existence and this Existence make impact on your quality of living and your touch to numerous other living beings as well.

It’s clumsy. And the more clumsy it is the more dicey our reflection is. The poorer is the quality of life we are living. If we choose to know and clean all these clumsiness we may take years and years or may be lives and lives.

But I want to change is now. I want to be Touching lives in far better way now itself. Then what should I do? Is there a way to do so.

Yes, I do have. I have been given the miracle power of Love and selfless Intentions. And I have also been given the power of conscious living, awareness. And when I choose to merge both and focus of growing it more and more within. My level of Being and Existence can change in an instance. The more I grow within and more consciously I let it reflect in my thoughts, in my emotions, in my deeds, in my reflections of all kind: my touch changes, miraculously. The love can be grown, the intentions can be deepened, the awareness can be enhanced and so can be our Touch and our life.

Isn’t it romantic to know, you touch the water and ripple of happy songs are created there. A loving smile you give to someone and all its worry and fear go vanished in seconds. Your soft touch to someone and his life can blossom all over again.

You touch every particle of air and space, you touch so many lives every passing day, the plant life around, the earth below your feet, the sun moon and stars gazing at you. Every living life around you and far away from you.. You can touch them all. If you choose to. If you wish to live that consciously. They all can sing your songs of love and selfless giving. They all can blossom and create miracles. Then their songs will touch other lives and then the chain of Touching Miracles will bind all the lives of Universe. And what will we receive for ourselves??

This is not a fairy tale. We can truly live by this. We have that Miracle called Touch within all of us. Do we want to use it???


In love with Life.

Your CO-Creator

Minal Dalal