Writing is said to be the best tool for knowing, contemplation and gentle healing. Why write? When told to do so many people run away from doing so. They either find it too boring or not so effective. But I am telling you there is no better direction and gentler way to almost all sort of aspiration in life.

First of all, when you wish to seek writing as your knowing or contemplation or healing tool, simply sit at quiet place with a diary and pen in front of you. Close your eyes for few moments and start writing as you feel the force from within. Let your within make all writing, you simply be an instrument. Let it all flow. No mind to be minded. No stoppage in between till you feel the need of writing. Make this your daily habit, you you resolve or know or be healed.

Most of our hurts or deeds are coming from unknowing place or unintentional situations and other times they are diluted due to emotional confusions or limited perceptions. When we allow ourselves to flow through writing, we allow lot of toxicities to be flushed out of us. Which is very essential part of reaching to authenticity or true knowing and clearing hurt. Once those toxins are flushed then clarity starts pouring. You feel the peace or the sense of being at home.

One more reason to use this tool over any other is, like talking to someone or seeking guidance etc., we allow their perception or outlook to ride over us. We have ours to ride and we add over riding. They may be right, they may not be. Not to judge But for sure there can be no better person to know you is then your own self. Also when not clear we reflect ourselves in wrong way which can lead your guide to guide you otherwise. The better and for sure way is to trust and allow that inside authentic self of yours to pop up and speak for yourself.

It doesn’t happen over night or just in one sitting. It may take days or months or may be even years but it is more than worth than anything else.

When we write just following the flow, we find all blah blah blah, no tail no end no connection or context with each other. It is all the reflection of those debris within us. It is better for few days not to re read what has been written by you. Keep it all very sacred even from your own self. Just keep on writing. Let it all flush out from within. And then soon a day comes when our authenticity, true nature of knowing and emotionality start coming on surface. From your Being till your Existence. In your practical living and outer personality.

One more reason to follow this tool is once you achieve your authenticity through this, most likely it becomes unshakable. No circumstance, no people around, no outer effect can shake you from your authenticity. Now you can lead life towards potential living. To live for who you are and what you are meant for.

Aren’t these enough reasons to connect with writing?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal