How much as a human being and human mind can we perceive? Our life, this life, may be past few lives and few future lives, few other lives? Do we know all lives at all times, its own course and patterns?

Nature/Life/God/Supreme Being/Universal Intelligence knows it all. For infinite time and space zone, for all the lives at once. It’s role is to create even destruct to recreate and Nature needs participation of few species and some tools to fulfill it’s role. Human is chosen specie and mind is the chosen tool for the same. Nature manifests through vibrations created by mind for consequence to happen. And it’s planning is for ongoing infinite operation for growth. It’s Nature’s manifestation of Love, care and growth of all the lives at all times.

We are Co-Creators in Nature’s play of life and growth. Whether we accept or deny. Whether we flow in harmony or we resist and sail against. But through us Nature is evolving us and lives we touch. We are been given purpose for this life for the same. And when we choose to go with the flow, we accelerate and harmonies the flow. When we resist or limit we disturb the flow.

Here it is our mind that plays it all. We are humans with extremely limited vision, limited perception, limited wisdom  and limited powers in comparison to that of Nature.

We may feel how worthy are we? What is in our capacity? We can hardly handle our own life or few of our near and dear ones. But our ideology is very narrow and limited here.

For us what is important is to firstly accept our role as of a co-creator with Nature. Secondly, to accept ourselves as we are. and thirdly to know and follow our purpose of this life. And lastly to keep our intentions clean, in sync with Nature’s purpose of humans, and growth of ourselves and others in the same course, so far as we can enhance and impact.

We are given set of skills, experiences and above all your very core Nature. Use is fully and wisely. If your very Nature is of sharing, do so uninterruptedly. Simply follow what your inner self your heart your soul tells you to do. Just keep in mind at all of these times that what touches us and others are the very basic nature and intentions we attach with all that we do. It is more than our words or deeds but our intentions that play vital role. Keep them as loving caring growing healing and pure as much as possible.

Let Nature take care of the rest.

Whatever we are as today, what genes we carry, what patterns we follow, what capacity our mind and emotions has, where are things originated from.. the moment we loose control on all of this, we surrender to higher purpose, we are been taken Care of. No matter what we think of ourselves or what others think of us.

And then our potential explodes.

Very gently and naturally we are being prepared, modified and recreated. The circumstances, people around and all other factors fall in place for us. A new symphony is created. New spring of joy starts dancing. And miracles emanate. This is the sign that you are on right path. No other surety is now needed. We grow and others grow with us at the same time.

Let Nature take care of it all. Just surrender to its will and plan for you. And Enjoy.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal