We have known or heard that our body consist of few elements. How and which elements is a matter of different belief systems. We will not go in this details. Today I want to introduce with you my concept of some elements which we live with. And how we can make the most use of it for our growth.

To me, when we can know how and when to use them and when we can visualise them, feel them and actually live them in our lives, using it well we can make the most progress by ourselves. I am going to talk about Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space and energy.

What are the basic qualities and needs of our life? Solidity or strength, Flow, Fire or Flame, Movement or Force, Space and Happening. We grow when all of these are working smoothly and in balance with each other. We stuck or digress when we are in lack or off balance. Earth provides solidity. Water provides flow. Fire provides fire. Air provides movement. Space provide space and Energy provides happening. Thus our basic needs in association with elements we can generate, modify, raise or balance.

There are several ways to do this. One of the way which I feel is very effective is doing so without any outside support. Both the need and input are mainly associated with feeling.

When you find the need of solidity or strength in life, let the Earth grow within. Feel the Earth solidly sited within you. Feel it. Feel it with all its quality. Feel it with all its layers and textures, the self support and support it provides to all living beings on this earth. Let this association grow within you. Whichever qualities you will be in need, you will be get associated with those. Give it your sacred time and place within you.

When you feel stuck or obstructions or blockages in life. Let free falling waterfall enter in your life. Feel it falling and flowing freely within you. Feel it with its cooling effect, sound of its gutsy flow and all those qualities you can associate with it. Be with it for a while and meet it as many times you find the need.

If you are lacking enough power of get going or transforming things, you find yourself very cold and inability to feel the spark, associate with fire. Let the campfire lightened within you. Let all of its flames grow within you. Feel the hit. Feel the light. Feel it’s capacity to convert or transform things. Feel all its might and what it can do.

When you feel lack of movement in life, stuck position, work on your breath. Make your inhale and exhale profound. I would also suggest, feel that you are inhaling and exhaling from every single pour of your skin. Feel that every single cell of your body is inhaling and exhaling. The Air is thus moving very freely within you. Free flow of receiving and giving.

When things are going too fast, or you are loosing control over life, or you feel stressed out. Let the space grow within you. It is the space where everything takes shape. It is the space where all energies can be directed. Use it well. Feel the space growing within you. Be at ease like the space outside. Be allowing and be directing. Go deeper and deeper within you and let this space go wide. Fill your whole self with it. And let it work for you.

Now using energy element. When you feel the need to direct the energy on something to happen. When you feel lack of concentration or enough focus or lack of sufficient power to get things done, activate energy within you. Give it a form of thunderstorm, or vibration with light or sound of heavy drumbeat. Feel all of these or whichever suits you but within. See it moving, observe the areas within you it is affecting. Feel every bit of it. Be that energy yourself and let is strike every chord of you. Just let it happen.

Please know that all of these elements are already existing within you, you are only activating them by visulisation and growing feeling within you.

Share with me how has it affected you when you use them.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal