I Love My India. I am immensely proud to be your child. Not just because I am born and nurtured in your rich soil and mighty hands. Also Because I have grown in your ever accepting and most caring heart. I have enliven your rich heritage and ideology.

What makes you so unique and face of peace and growth for the entire world is the LIBERTY and FREEDOM you have provided with your wide open arms since the origin of civilization. Every other land is unique in some or the other way but your universally expanded heart binds us all to live side by side, tightly together having no discrimination whatsoever for languages, caste or creed, colours of skin, cultures, religion, belief systems. Your Rich and Diverse Geographical and economical condition has taught the world through out, What it is to be Free, What is to be co existing.

The sages, Sadhakas, Researchers, Evolution, Spirituality, Healing, Math, Science, Technology, Way of Living, endless list, Ever since none knew it…You are the Core and Source of all these learning. The world will always be looking at you for all of their material and spiritual growth needs.

What is it to be co existing and yet freely believing and expressing only you can provide. Those who have known you deeply, only they can understand. You are lesson of Freedom and Co existence in true sense.

I am born of you. How can I be not proud and honored to be potentially growing in your lap. My motherland India. My BHARAT.


In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal