The first key to potent and infinite living is to know our limits and then little by little defy them. Those small steps wisely taken to challenge our limits and to act upon them lead to limitless self and possibilities. The more you can challenge and dare the more you win. The more you succeed.

Success is nothing but achieving by pushing limits.

If you can climb 10 steps. Know that at 11th step you become stuck. Your mind limits you, your physic refuses you, your emotions scare you. Accept it. And promise yourself to just push for 2 more steps. After 10th step, tell yourself you can do it, it’s just little more, you can do it. And challenging your whole self, dare to go beyond, Just 2 more steps. Anyhow climb that time.

Now, your limit is 12 or may be 11 steps. Little higher than 10 steps. Be comfortable with those 11 or 12 steps. Take your time but don’t stick with it. Have a vision of climbing 100 steps one fine day.

Do this at all facets of your self. Your mind, your body, your emotions, your spirit. Know them well. Know your limits and then dare to go beyond, dare to push them hard. Raise your spirit. So that your body, mind and emotions can follow. Command yourself that you can.

Just one caution. Use your wisdom as well. Do it step by step. Only when your steps can go farther dare to go beyond more, till then remain with small small challenges. Use all your wit when you hear the voice I can not. Remind yourself the infinite version that you are. Assure yourself that you are only daring a little extra which is still within your capacity and limits.

Again, raise your spirit, let it take control of all your facets, body mind and emotions and wisdom and simply follow it’s command. By the time you will come to know you would have already knocked all your limits. You would be at another higher level. This is called SUCCESS.

The more you succeed within, the far more you succeed out.

So which limits you are challenging today?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal