creative self

Today I challenge your creativity. Let’s open new dimension of ourselves through this challenge. You agree that we all given few set of skills, creative abilities and expressive ways.

Very quickly, for those who says that haven’t yet known, the creative side of them, please in your mind revisit that teenager within you, who was bubbling with unrelenting energies, the eyes and heart was filled with dreams and aspirations. How would you define that part of your life. What was it you wanted to do all the times? How?

Could you connect with the creative side of yours?

If yes great. If no, no worries. Today we would explore that side and push it little more further. Make attempt to give it a yet another dimension.

What does above given image mean to you? Define it in one word or just one phrase. Make a note.

This will need some of your time I would say, but it’s going to be fun and a worth for sure. So ready to go?

Whatever meaning you have attached to that image, express in form of a small poem. Small because it doesn’t pressure you. Length you are free to choose. For poets, give it a different style of writing, non poets attempt it. You will love to.

It’s craft time now. Sculptor the same in some form, model it, construct it with blocks, use clay (take help of that tiny chap in your neighborhood if you don’t have any at your place.) One more reason to enjoy. Try doing it at beach on sand. Relate it with as many craft forms as possible. But go for it.

Re sketch the same image in your own expression. How would you draw and paint it if you had to express in your own way. You can convert it into jigsaw puzzle later. Or frame it with caption of your liking. Or decorate your stuff with it. Let your creativity flourish for how would you use it.

One more style, become a game builder and convert the same theme into some game form. If you are tech master, let it be digital, or a board game, or communication game, the choice is wide open for you. Go for it.

Mind builder, add one more theme to it, completely irrelevant to its original form. Suppose you have tagged above image as honey comb let second theme be drug addiction. just an example. Connect these two themes to make a new theme emerging out of it.

I have only narrated few forms of creativity here. As we are aware creativity has no limits and so is to ways of creative expressions. Simply let your imagination flow as far, as wide, as vivid as possible. Be that child within you once again. If you are accompanied with children nothing no better inspiration than this.

You are not doing this to prove yourself to anyone or showing your mastery. The main intention is to relish your creativity intensely and push it to yet another dimension.

Last suggestion, connect your theme with one or more forms of Nature. And redefine it again.

Are you inspired and invoked enough to try this??


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal