Meditation is that state of being when every facet of ourselves is fully engrossed in the experience of that  one thing which we are holding. Our entire body functions  all senses breathing thoughts emotions is totally at peace and fully engrossed with the experience of that one thing we are holding. It can not be done. It naturally happens when we learn to hang one to that one thing and wholly experience it. Without movements without support of our thoughts or emotions. Just be totally one with that experience  is called meditation.

We are beyond our body beyond our thoughts or other sensory perceptions. We are not we. We are just that experience.  To me this is state of meditation. It is a state of being and not a kriya. And this state of being we can attain anywhere doing anything. When we are engrossed with that one thing we are in meditation. For however long the duration is. Our Existance is forgotten. When we again re connect with any of our bodily sensory or mental aspects that state of meditation breaks. We are cut from that experience.

For whatever little duration of time or even momentarily we have remained in this state it opens all our channels of knowing and perceiving and receiving in great effect for very longer period of time. The more frequently we can visit this state of being the higher and higher our entire living shifts to.

That one things can be your thought mind you it is not thinking but holding to one thought, one knowing, one quest or purpose , connection with nature or god even one idea can be that one thing. Your some past memory or some imagination you want to remain with can be that one thing. Feeling love can that one thing. Just to experience the experience can also be that one thing. Sitting quietly to let divine energy enter you is also that one thing.

You are not acting. You are not reacting. You are not thinking. You are not feeling. You are not observing. You are doing nothing. Everything in you is completely standstill.  You are only Experincing.


When you naturally forget everything and just remain in that state of Experincing.  You even forget to breath. You not only forget or cannot notice anything around but you also forget everything within. It all goes standstill till you are in that state of meditation or Experincing.

While in this state we are divine. We are more open to knowings of life. We by ourselves become more. Our intuitive capacity increases.  Our perception is broadened and very naturally we throw away the false notions we are holding within us. The life in us become more powerful and authentic.

And how do we achieve this state? How do we meditate? We do nothing. When that urge amongst opens that I want to experience this. When we consciously wish to remain with that moment we enter into the state of meditation. Your ongoing urge  bring you naturally in this state or you can dwell into it by choice. Doing whatever. Even while sitting at sea shore if you are forgetting everything else. You even forget the pulsation of your breathing or a time concept or any movement around and all your senses are shut down. You even forget where you are and to what you are hanging on, that sea in front of you and even your love for that sea.  You simply go one with that sea and wholly experience that sea. You are in state of meditation.

Simply let that urge develop in you. Simply know what are those one thing that makes you forget all of the rest and magnetise you towards its experience. Bring in memory that one thing get fully engrossed with it and you will start Experincing it. You will be  thus able to enter into the state of meditation.

It also happens when you are totally engrossed when you are involved in doing thing you totally love to do. Like any form creative activity as drawing or singing or dancing. While indulging into it and you become one with it you are meditating . You simple go unaware of what your hands are doing what your legs are doing are you even breathing or not. You are one with that activity. You are only Experincing it and nothing else. You love to experience something leaving all rest aside is Meditation.

Just know what your that ‘one thing’ is and visit it as frequently as possible.

Your nature will change. Your state of being will change. Everything all the truths all the knowings will unfold before you. All your layers will be cleaned and your pure essence of love and selfless giving will emerge gradually while satisfying all your aspirations and needs.



In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal