jungle 2

Let me guide you to your inner fortress today… We will be on imaginary tour to the lush green mountain jungle.

You enter into the jungle. It is absolutely mesmerizing. The tall green trees on both the sides are so very inviting. The whole atmosphere here in magnetizing. The cool breeze is making it all very calming. The sweet smell of dew filled leaves and flowers are making the area all very much alive. Its early morning and the Sun has just retired from its bed and now slowly slowly heading on his route. The golden rays are touching every single life and awaking them all from a dreamy night.

The rays are rising from down to below, filling ground with its golden touch. You are all bare foot. As you walk ahead you feel the rough wet green texture of earth below. Your whole self is filled with fragrance of pure odor of jungle life. The morning songs of chirping birds are pouring life to the entire atmosphere.

Oh. Its so cool calm serene and inviting here. You walk further. It is so much so calm that you can even hear your every bit of breathing. As you walk you crush the green, dry leaves below your feet. It rises all your sensations.

The self made roads are curvy. You walk on the slopes and can not help but to go more and more inside. Who is guiding you? What is attracting you in this lone jungle? And yet you are fearless. You feel like at home. You are at complete peace. Totally engrossed. The deep in the woods you go the deep you go within you. All your thoughts have come to standstill. And you are as if you aren’t existing outside this woods. You and this trees the earth below the sun rising at horizon those rays the birds the touch the sound the fragrance the scene the relish, you are one with them all. You are merged. You are one. You are just the energy leaving behind your entire existence.

After passing few curves, you hear a sound of water from little far. You naturally take the direction to that sound of water. As you walk further the sound becomes louder. You can feel the strength of the flow. There has to be waterfall nearby. Two or three more curves and your breath stops.

The scene in front of you, oh my god, There is a huge waterfall on your left. So much powerful, energetic and pure. Jumping and merging into the river with all its might. Creating white frosty ripples into that part of river. A huge waterfall, continuous and enormous flow of water. Where is this constant flow coming from? You feel like knowing. And before your thoughts ponder you turn to your right. And a free flow of water rushing to meet the ocean, not getting disturbed by the stone bed or branches falling on them. It just flows and flows and flows.

You can’t help but to sit there. Your inner self is all alive and enlightened. You are totally lost. Nothing matters at this moment. You are there. And that’s it.

Be at this place in imagination for a while… Experience it wholly.

What does it tell you???

Share with me if you feel like…


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal