What would you do if you owned that project? If you owned your company? If you owned the responsibility of serving to others through your work? If you would be constantly aware of the fact that your service or product or work is making difference to lives of many? If you would own the responsibility as an important link to the chain reaction?

Would you still be doing it the way you are doing it now?

The chain is as weak as its weakest link. Would you be that weakest link? or that powerful one which would support those weakest link as well?

How would you act?In quality of service/product/work, in gathering all necessary information, in planning, in teaming, in channelizing, in bridging and constructing,  in networking, in showcasing and all the other processes involved?

Whatever and however is the world situation today, you are the Co-Creator to this existing condition? And whatever you are seeing, experiencing and receiving is the part of return of your contribution.

Would your attitude will still remain same?

You will say, you do not have enough authority, I would say with whatever little authority you have, have you given your more than cent percent? Have you done enough to be empowered with more authority? Have you done your enough homework and stretching?

We demand but we fail to be deserving….

And we become deserving, when we own responsibility for all that is, when we wear the attitude of ‘Co-Creator’, when we undertake the value of how our contribution is going to make difference… The life here will change, automatically, effortlessly, just by shifting our attitude from serving/producing/working to CO-CREATING…

The ocean is as bright and reflecting as its every single drop. The chain is as strong and powerful as its every single link.. Which part of ocean or link would you like to be?

And how would you perform if you knew that you are as valuable creator for universe, as powerful the universe is in creating?

What would you do?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal