touch 2

TOUCH is just a gesture. And it tells a lot about you. Infect it tells everything about you in that moment. And this touch is not just the physical touch that I am talking about. This touch is your reflection to the lives that you touch. It speaks about your entire self.  Your touch is your energy which you spread all around you and its ripples are extended in the whole universe.

Your touch is your story. It narrates your whole self and your whole history in an instance.

The touch which I am talking about is the way you physically touch, the way you see, the way behave and react, the way you pour yourself into your deeds and workings. What people tell about you? That’s the story you have expressed so far.

Is is the same you wanted to hear for yourself?

Or it is not how you have wanted to hear for you…

What according to you is the best told story about someone? How would be that Hero or the Character be living? And perceiving and thinking and feeling and behaving and reflecting?

How he would have transformed? How would he had made the best out of the life given to him? Is it anywhere matching with your life? Is it making some sense to you for your life story?

If yes and if you find the need to be little more better. Go deep within. Talk to your self. Tell him what you want and where you lack. Ask him where he feels that you should change. Listen very carefully and minutely what it tells you to do. What it tells you about you. And then Affirm to bring that change. Only and only your WILL can bring that change within you. Everything else will only work if your Will will work. Make your will rock strong and make your will work on you.

And if your TOUCH story tells goody goody about you, introspect is it really true? And if it is truly true, you have already liven a worthy life, it’s time to transform it into a legendary living.

So the polishing work is always going to be on and on and on. Because the life is on and on and on and henceforth the opportunity to grow and becoming better and better is on and on and on.

What does your TOUCH story tells about you?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal