How deep are your experiences? One exercise for self knowing.

You have a feeling of spending some time at beach.

Scene 1. You go to beach. You be at shore, watch people around their activities beach sand birds and sky above a setting sun the waves ocean a hip at far sight. You watch them all. You walk on a shore for a while. and you come back.

Scene 2. You observe everything around. At the same time you feel the strong call from waves. As if is holding your fingers and inviting you to see and meet the ocean. You are driven by this call and leaving all aside you move further near ocean. Now you and Ocean its receding and flooding waves the water, only this does matter to you. You stand on shore but little nearer to the Sea.

Scene 3. You feel the strong call for playing with the waves. Jumping and dancing and running and enjoying the waves. You have a strong feeling of diving into the Sea. Leaving shore you now enter into the Sea. And the moment you enter you experience the joy wetness depth and limitlessness of Ocean. All your senses become alive and get fully merged with the vast experience of this Ocean. All that is behind does now matter to you at all. You just wish to fully engrossed with all your senses, body, mind, emotions and spirit. In those few minutes nothing else matters.

Scene 4. You are totally engrossed with the waves and beingness of Ocean and in a spark you feel that there is one Ocean existing within you as well. You experience the same within as you experience out. You merge with the identity that of Sea. the Ocean.

Scene 5. Your experience goes still deeper. With your merged identity now you experience the oneness with the Sea. In those few moments you simply forget that you exist separately. Your identity and Ocean’s identity becomes one. Now you by yourself is the Ocean.

Scene 6. In this oneness your vision expands, you are now One not just with Ocean but with Sky, those flying birds, that Golden glowing Sun, even without seeing the shore behind and all people and their activities and all that is happening all around and above and below. In just one click it all comes to new merged life. All lives as one. The Whole Experience.

How deep are you?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal