Earth fragile future

This article is for those who wish to live legacy and infinitely living by passing it on.

In our life we see and hear about so many people who live legendary life. Legendary life is not only about extra ordinary contribution, it is also about living a life which influences and inspires others. ‘Living Legacy is about making others lives worthwhile.’ That it becomes a fairy tale and for years and years people happily share it, takes inspiration from it and do their best to follow it.

Is it about name and fame? is it about lime light or material rewards which makes one legend? It’s for us to decide…

What I want to share with you is my views on what makes one’s life a legend a legacy?

We are all human beings a complicated web connection of our genes, learning, experiences, beliefs, perceptions, intelligence, mind and emotional powers along with physical powers. We have circumstances, situations and conditions, responsibilities and relationships to deal with, which adds to our complexity.

Even legends have the same to deal with. Even they are Humans as we are. Then what do they do different? How their life becomes so worthwhile that influences and guides many others as well.

They have learned lessons from life itself, the experiences of themselves as well as from other living beings. On top of that they have learned to convert this experiences in nurturing their own life, a practically living of all wisdom and intellect and knowledge. Their ‘Approach’ to dealings towards relationships, situation demands and circumstances is the KEY. Their attitude makes all difference and this attitude is cultivated by right approach developed by them.

Even they have emotional dramas of self and others to deal with. Even they have limitations and blockages of mind to deal with. Even they have insufficient resources of knowledge and other requisites. Even their physical capacity lacks. So what makes them ‘different’?

They know what is expected of them. They know what they are wishing to do. They also know how to ‘remain stick’ to it. And when one knowingly learn to remain stick with what needs to be done one creates the power which is infinite. Which supports on its own. One fully engrossed with mission, the first thing they learn about is what in themselves is blocking them. The second lesson they learn is what outside obstructions they are facing. And third and most important thing happens is that ‘they believe’. They believe in making it happen. They believe in themselves despite of all the fallacies they have. They believe in life that will support him.

Here, they can override their mind, their beliefs and thoughts. They become one with their mission and simply live to make it happen.

And living this is as simple as being said. Know, Focus, Integrate and Dedicate, Overcome, Believe and Make it Happen. How long you can go depends on how much integrity and dedication you show. What amount of responsibility you are prepared to shoulder. How well you can go with the Flow.

Life is searching for such humans who Can through whom Life can accomplish, the transition, the support, the mechanism.  It doesn’t need super power of mind or body or intelligence, it needs the ones who believe who can overcome and simply flow. Then no knowledge no degree no certificates no astrological planets no person or people not your own fallacies Nothing  can ever stop you from living truly worthwhile. For yourself and for others as well. It can be as much infinite as you wish it to be.  Simply show your preparedness and rest will happen on its own.

How far reaching you are wishing to go?


In love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal