We can transcend. We can override. We can master our lives.


What is transcending. Transcending is cultivating the capacity of moving beyond or simply moving beyond. That is what is art of mastering life. And though how much ever tough nut it seems like. Genuinely it is very simple gentle beautiful and natural process for anyone who wishes to.


We transcend when we can override. We can override whatever is and stick with what is possible in beyond. How does this happen. It happens when we can see the potentiality of something or someone. When we believe in possible beautiful outcome whatever the situation as of today may be.

When we cultivate the eye which can only see and focus on the beauty of the outcome. When we cultivate the heart which can believe despite of struggle and misery attached to it. The spirit that can continuously pump and support.

What happens?

As of today, we see a seed which is covered with dirt and dust. Which is rolling of dirty soil. Suppressed and oppressed may be, not finding enough support within and out. And still we can see a fully grown strong and fruitful tree out of it. We can see all the fallacies in seed and nurturing and the conditions.  And when we eye on this seed as of today, all of our mind will rebel and discard the probability. It gives us all reasons which says that this seed can’t be grown.

Our heart states different story. It feels and believes that the seed has the potential and it for sure will grow. In the process it will learn to cultivate strength and sprout. It will spread its roots and consume life from the soil. It will learn to fight and find the way out of the rock solid blockages to peep out with one tiny leaf and soft little trunk. And day by day it will find ways to get nurtured and grow on its own. Then the conditions outside will also become supportive. The Sun will shine bright enough for it. The rain and air will provide enough life ingredient. Some human will take care with love and warmth.

The trunk will convert into branches. The leaves will be multiplied day by day. The flowers will bloom one day giving birth to n number of fruits. And on the way all of those fruits will provide n n number of seeds which will again sprout and grow and bloom once again.

Sticking with this possibility is a challenge. When it comes to ourselves and fellow humans. And yet when we determine and take efforts. Because we have only learned to see the ugly part and direct our thoughts in that direction only. So we will need a major shift in our thought pattern or rather we will have to direct our mind in progressive direction or to silent it to close down negative support. In all the ways we will be expanding horizons of our mind with endless positive possibilities. AND this can be done. When deviated we just need to gently remind ourselves to shift and focus again on the potentiality and beauty of the outcome we foresee.

The heart knows and will continue to pump up with positive feelings. Which again in process will help us in over coming negative emotions. That of distrust or fear or insecurity or greed or ego. It will have to. No option. And the heart will grow strong as well. The stronger and more positive the mind and heart will grow, the spirit will flow freely with positive energy that will transcend beyond us and will fuel that seed or situation or fellow humans or something for ourselves.

And this positive energy will Make that thing happened. As we have foreseen. Potent and beautiful. Remaining with this process, just by believing and sticking the focus on the potentiality and beauty of outcome not only we will see it happen. We by ourselves will evolve and transcend. We will learn the art of mastering our own life and sooner the lives of others as well.

What do you say?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal