You are at this juncture for the reason. It is not just for you it is for many many more. So never say never. Never say quit. No matter what.

And if you can’t handle for more simply surrender and relax. But never say never. Never say quit.

It may so happen that tomorrow after denial, you will know the true meaning, you will have better powers and resources, you will be little more wiser and in those moment you will regret. And it may never be turned to you again. So never say never. Never say quit.

Instead ask for guidance take help step back and leave it for a while. You may better surrender and let Nature take care. Let Life or God or Almighty take Care. But never say never say quit.

It may be harder because your focus would be deviated from learning out of experience or the outcome it can bring. From growth that can happen and changes it can bring. Your little shift from the struggle you are facing, to the possibility that can happen.

And if you can’t see or know or understand what good it has, sit back have trust and relax. Ask for more serenity to understand more abilities to tackle, more trust and belief but never say never. Never say quit. You may still not find any apparent reason of good for you then it may be for others to learn and grow. And those others are again part of you. Your contribution to their growth is going to be rebound to you with your betterment.

It’s your test. Your courage your endurance your belief and participation. Your feelings and spirit all may be at stack. Breath deep. Breath profound. Release control and surrender.

Seek greater capability and you will be given. You quit and loose it all. The opportunity to grow to enhance to shift to higher level. Expand and Receive more. It may be turmoil or volcano or tornado you may be facing in life. And yet there is no such situation which can not be settled. It has arose that’s the sign that it will settle. There is no storm existing that can never settle.

Calm down. Relax. Accept the situation as it is. Accept that for now you are unable. Deep breath. Enter the zone of ‘space’ and Reclaim. Just never say never and never say quit. It has come to bring change. It has come to bless power. It will settle and disappear once done. And you will be left with more beauty to rejoice.

Which is not in your power and yet you have to face. To all such matters Never say never. Never say Quit.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal