Many a times we hear people saying we inherit this, we have it in our genes so can’t help with this. We also see people suffer a lot due to this genes factor. Be it physically or mentally or emotionally. They inherit and they suffer.

Not the always case that they suffer, even they very much benefit out of it. It becomes strong added advantage for them as well. So it has both ways. We retain what is benefiting and we must know how to convert weak and destructive ones to turn in our favour.

The very first thing one should know and always keep in mind that every single genes has multiple opening. Out of which some openings get activated and others remain silent within us. The one’s which get activated are exposed to outside circumstances like surrounding and nurturing etc. We have called them to open up and the silent openings are the one’s we by ourselves haven’t given exposure.

The second thing one should know and acknowledge is that exposed genes can be modified and silent genes can be activated. And it is not that difficult. And it is in our hand, at our own mercy.

We have heard so many cases where one gets some physical faults inherited. At the same time we see that their siblings aren’t suffering the same.If it was in genes then all of them were carrying same, so what made it activated in one and not in others? Or how the transmission of genes changed in each of them? The answer again lies with the fact that it is the exposure and nurturing that plays role rather than just inheritance.

The last thing to know is that we can strengthen the genes we find as benefiting us. As much as that it can give us super capacity to perform.

Although we have many scientific applications to work on this. We also have the processes which we the layman can also adapt by ourselves and work up to certain level or in some cases to the very great level.

How to go for layman’s way to this process of modifying and activating genes at our own will? To silent the non supportive or destructive ones and to activate the supportive ones?

First thing first, we must know. When we closely connect and analyse our behaviour and life patterns we also relate with our childhood and at the same time our parental behaviour and life patterns. A close monitoring reveals many answers. Which part of the genes have activated and how it has got activated. We by ourselves can know. We must know and acknowledge them. Not to curse them but to know and acknowledge them.

The moment we reach till here, we will open to the fact what we need to modify or to silent and which opening we are seeking for. Again know them and respect them. Be strongly aware of how the changed opening of genes can support us can build us differently and can open us to our new realities. Absorb this idea more and more. Let it sink within you more and more intensely. Your work has begun.

What happens here is that nurturing to false opening stops and the possibility to new opening becomes stronger and stronger. Words and thoughts have huge effect on genes. This is scientifically proven fact as well. It’s for us now to go for self talk every single day. Choose your words carefully. Chanel your belief and thoughts in same direction. Do keep in mind that your belief has biggest role so keep it intact and in the direction of change you wish for yourself. Add your emotional power to that. When you are giving self message be loving to the new opening of genes and the new you that will emerge one day. While in self talk let all your loving energies be in one direction itself.

The more energy you can direct the sooner you will see the result. Just a word of caution, during entire process we aware of what you are asking for and what are your intentions. Your intentions for change will also matter the most. So know them well and keep them intact throughout.

And a day will come when not only you have modified or changed the opening of your genes. You will also be able to break the chain of passing it to your next generation. Also that you can inherit the genes you find it worth transmitting to your next generation. You will be able to see your next generation as you have wished for. Authentically powerful and serene.

Is it worth trying? What say?


In love with life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal