dna belief pattern

We are as much enhanced as we believe to be. Our belief pattern programs us and we can perform or receive is outcome of this pattern program. Our potentiality is to very great extent depending on how limited or open our belief system is. So if we find us as limited version we need to straight away check and know how we have programmed ourselves.

We humans are given mind. The mind is meant for connecting us with manifestations. Mind receives and sends signals to Nature and thus manifestation happen. Mind is meant for generating ideas, analyzing, receiving signals from nature and convert them into action and send signals to nature for making things happen. Mind is the creator, and mind is the exposure. And mind command is in our control. It is in our hand to direct our mind energy. We are master of our mind.

The hard luck is that we do not truly understand the meaning of mind nor do we understand how nature operates, and we by ourselves dive into the vicious circle of negative limiting and destructive use of our mind. Sadly we become slave of our mind whereas we should have been mastering it.

Mind can not sit still. It needs activity at all times even while at sleep. It is a creator and generator and exposure. If we keep it idle it would grasp anything around us and start working with that. Now the scene is there is so much of negativity around so mind would grasp them more and start working with it. And we create patterns of fear, lacking, insecurity, escapism, selfishness etc. If not worked upon on time, they set deep within and become hard rock pattern. Now we are victim of this pattern. Sometimes we create it consciously sometimes unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly, but we do and we suffer.

We suffer the most because of our mind and belief pattern more than anything in life.

Whereas the fact is that Mind is our mightiest tool. Mind has unlimited powers. And serenity to how to make the most out of it.

How must we use it to optimum? How do we convert it in our favour? How do we break which is already firmly stuck within?

The first thing first, tie a knot within that we are the masters of our mind. Also that mind is a creator, generator and exposure. Also that idle mind is demon’s workshop. Use it wisely.

Get engaged with creative activities whenever possible. Keep generating ideas even if you might not need it then. Whenever you are free make your mind busy in creative way. Absorb different ideas and be open with unexplored possibilities. Acknowledge that there can be various ways and perceptions to the things.

The most interesting solution to this is to play a game three things differently. In this game choose three activities which you are habitual of doing in particular way. Break those habit by doing it very differently. During the day remain open to three different view points to the particular matter. Think of three different ways or possibilities of getting thing done. And try them all. Remain open to all that is. Do not shut doors with your righteousness rigidity. Gradually you will see lot of change going within. You will see yourself formatting and behaving differently. The change will occur and it will occur for good. Your patterns will break so does your chain of fear and anxiety and escapism and limitedness and so on.

Your mind is your tool to create generate and expose.

How would you be working with a tool on hand?


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal