What am I trying? What my writings are leading me to? What am I looking for? I have known i a bit and i am still on my way looking for it. I am trying. I am leading. I am venturing and I am freely expressing…

How am I knowing? Though I have known a bit yet many a times, you all my dear readers, reveal for me many meanings of what am I doing? My work leaves some impressions on you and in you reflect in return. It opens many windows for me. It helps me gather and combine my whole work and shape a better meaning for it.

What am I doing? I am freely expressing all that I have known about life and living and potential we humans can have.. And more over how to lead towards that. The wholeness, the roots of all that is, the connections and alignment.. It’s an ocean and I am trying to know it all.

I am also trying to know and bring together the wisdom of processes known by our ancestors, who exfoliated unbelievable potential within and lived what is beyond legendary life. I am trying to compile all of them step by step, with my understanding, and my knowing and convert it in the language my fellow human friends can understand and adapt. In a life situation which persist as of now and coming tomorrow.

What I have known is, in blind run to get what we have been wanting, we have lost the art of How to get it.. We have lost the connection with self, we have forgotten what the true meaning of life is. What a life should be lived for and how to make optimum use of it for our growth and that of others. To participate in universal life’s motto and flow.

I wish to bring forth all of this. And present before the world. What I have also known in my journey is that ‘the processes and measures to unleash lives are very Simple, Gentle, Creative and Natural and yet Authentically Powerful.’ I am trying know all of these processes and tools and measures and present it before all of you…

Life is not a struggle. Life is effortless.

When we know and connect, when we can eliminate all our toxins, When we can invoke potentiality, when we can work from root and unite all the connections, when expressions become whole, and our whole energy is directed towards a purposeful living, the legend within us awakes from the mists of confusions and lacking.. And we become larger than Life.

And I Believe that this is possible. And I believe it is Simple and Natural. It just needs a dedicated efforts. It needs constant approval of our participation with Nature’s call to exfoliate it all… It’s the time for.. It is the need of today… And rest of the things, Nature will take care of..Not indulging into how and when, that is not my question and problem to know. It is for nature to know and resolve.

For me it is that I believe and I am Trying to….

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In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal