Let’s play some games today. They are fun and yet they are authentically powerful. They are imaginary and yet they will invoke a lot from within you. Remain connected all through out. They will ride you on Alldin’s magic mat and will take you to the wonderland. Don’t blame me if you indulge you may forget everything around. It’s worth it…

Play rule. You have to answer all the questions given below by diving deel wihin and remaining utmost honest with yoyrself…. Done. Simple. So let’s begin.

Play 1.    You are given the opportunity
to talk with 5 people
From present from past to very past
Near or far known or unknown
The bestest 5 people
You have ever known…
You have ever wished to…
Who would they be???
What would you talk to them about???

Play 2. You are crowned as King of the world for one day                                               and you can bring 5 reforms to the existing world                                                     you are entitled to pass 5 bills to change what you have wished to see                          what those 5 bills would be???                      Why???

Play 3.   You are the king of your own Kingdom which is your Inner Self               and you have to bring 5 changes within you                                                                         Doing so will make your dream reality true                                                                         What those 5 changes would be???              What measures would you take???

Play 4.   What is your meaning of ‘Life’? Why???                                                                 What is the meaning of your life?               Why???

And last …

Play 5.  How do you wish to see yourself when you are dying???

All the best…may this play game help you know a lot about you… may you enjoy every bit of it…


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal