Many a times in life, we surrender. Wishfully or forcefully. But we do. To the Almighty or God or Life or Nature or Circumstances or Higher Authorities. But we do. Because at that point of time we are not enough capable, enough serene or powerful to face the situation and direct it right. So knowingly unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously but we do. We surrender. We give up our control.

And that’s the wise decision. Some intelligence above us knows it All much beyond us. What I today intend to lighten up is How we Surrender? It’s choice and we all will know. What to, how to and what we gain with any of the choice.

Case 1.

Choice 1. Β We surrender and at the same time We put our conditions. This is my situation and I can’t handle this so I surrender the situation to you But I want things like this this this for me. We are still clanged with the outcome and we remain stressful throughout.

Choice 2. We surrender and we surrender unconditionally. This is my situation and I can’t handle this. I surrender it all to you and I trust you for good of all. And I get all stress free. Calm and serene.

Choice 3. We surrender and we surrender unconditionally. I can’t handle this situation I surrender and I trust. At the same time, I put forward clearly all my worries, anxieties, all other negative thoughts and feeling that are running within me. I will surrender all of those as well and I will seek to resolve that as well. I will seek to improve and grow as well. And let it be good for all.

This is anyhow going to happen. But in last case we are eager to participate consciously and willingly.

Case 2.

Choice 1.Β We surrender. We put our conditions. Our ego and intelligence intervene. I know this is going to be resolved and will be in my favour only. I am right. My way is right. And it should only happen. Just now I lack enough control. And we seek for our control over the situation.

Choice 2. We surrender unconditionally having trust. Our righteousness intelligence and ego still prevails. It is our inability that forces us to surrender but deep within we still have that feeling to see happening in our way.

Choice 3. We surrender out of knowing that our will ego intelligence rigidity is the reason why I cannot overcome or resolve the situation. I dig deep and try to know it all. We come to know few and do not know rest. We surrender all of these. And all throughout we keep praying. Even if we all playing false, negative or whatsoever but the prayer for improvising and growing keep flowing at all times. We pray for best growth of all.

Again anyhow the higher intelligence is going to take care of all. And now not only will it help us in improving fast with opening more of our knowing and awareness but also it will entrust us for more participation and responsibility. We will be bestowed with more power, more serenity, more courage and less of struggle to follow. We will be blessed with effortlessness and abundance day by day. We will be nurtured as favourite flower of garden. And we will bloom with our highest capacity.

How do we intend to surrender?


I invite all the readers to participate and put forward their perceptions freely in all my posts… Together we will build a sacred space for all of ours growth.

In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal