We are nothing but the energy form. And energy emanates out of many forms. Every living specie has their unique role and characteristics and energy forms. For Humans, it is to BE HUMAN. So what are the energy forms of Humans???

Love, Awfulness, Intuition, Integrity, Presence, Creativity and Faith.

To me… These are 7 essential sources of energy of Soul, which are as pure and authentic as the soul itself. In any of our operations if these 7 energy forms are present, we are operating from the pure source of living, our soul.

While doing all the is, when the love is the basic intention, awfulness or sheer wonder is overriding our mind and emotions, Intuition is our guide, Integrity is our responsibility, Presence is all the time present, the expression is creative and when the Faith is a fuel, the operation is nothing less then divinity. The Soul’s purest form. Blessing. Infinite living.

Then our body, mind, intelligence, emotions, social economical environmental circumstantial.. they all simply follow or flow with the energy. Here the Life Science opens up and reveal everything to us.

There are several forms of energy that works for all living beings, but to BE HUMAN, these 7 forms are purest and needs to be fully functional at all the times. The combine Energy which explodes then is what makes us true Humans.

This gives our Soul the strength. And with this soul strength all manifestations become effortlessly possible. Then entire universe conspires for us and flow through us. We become what our highest form, which is our Universal Being.

I am on my way proceeding on this line of thinking and I invite all my valuable Human Friends to share their views and give me further guidance on this. Let’s Together lead towards our infinite and potent living. This is possible I believe.

In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal