In my blog yesterday I shared about essential energy forms for ‘Soul strength’. This is one of the dimension for whole ling. Today I wish to share about the second dimension that is ‘Manifestation’.

We live to make things happen. To bring outcome. To grow and achieve. We wish Manifestation. To give to receive and to succeed. To me. there are 7 essential aspects conjoining with success or manifestation. When they are all taken into account at times. We receive Whole Success.

Whole success is a huge phenomena. It is much beyond what we perceive as achievement or success. The whole success or manifestation straightaway connects us to abundance at all the facets of life. It gives us wholesome returns for whatever we have achieved.Β What we understand or talk about is yet a partial success. And we can go much beyond that.

My whole success or manifestation has 7 aspects or dimensions. When they all taken into account and justified wholly, we are wholly successful. They are

Co-creation, Serenity, Strength, Synergy, Spirit, Focused efforts and Goal.

Co-creation is for participatory role undertaking, Serenity for beneficial handling, Strength to overcome all hurdles, Synergy for collective energy force in given direction, Focused efforts for actualization and Goal for destination embarking.

When all of this facets are combined and used to its optimum level, we succeed wholly. We manifest. And in return we are being chosen to abhor higher responsibility. To participate in higher achievements. Our horizon broadens. At the same time we savor all the juice of success. We grow. and eventually lead from our Being to United Being to Universal Being.

This is simple said than done. But we must know for sure. We should consider them all at each point. Once we dedicate to integrate all, we learn. Nature/Life makes way for us. Things become little smoother and effortless. And This is what Life is meant for.

I again invite you to share and express your views freely. Together we can make a whole living possible. As our ancestors used to. And as we have forgotten that art of whole potent and infinite living. We intend to re define it for our generation and the coming generations. The new age of ‘Whole Living’ once again…


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal