whole self

Since two days in my blog posts I am haring my views on leading towards whole living. The first aspect was soul strength and the second one was formula for manifestation. When we talk of whole or final outcome; we need to consider the base and its solidity, that is soul strength, the tools, that is all the facets of self, the desired outcome, that is the way or combination or formula for manifestation and lastly the principles that guides or fuels the process.

Today I wish to share about Whole self or facets of self as in today’s context. The reason why in today’s context is that we have known what an immense and inspirational life our ancestors have lived and have inherited us with. The rich living tales and texts tell us all about them. But what I feel is that it needs to be made applicable in the era that is currently prevailing and a bit of what we foresee in future of living. So I would want to talk of whole self in context of present generation.

They are briefly divided in two streams. First the components of self and second is component of self in co-existence. Broadly they are

Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.

Relationships, Conditions and Situations.

Our every single moment is lived is affected by all these facets at once. What is is it that our ancestors knew and lived and could live immensely remarkable and where we are lacking. Although even few of us living beyond exceptions but for majority of us it is only in our knowing that we have the potential. And whole life passes and it never turns out true for us. We can hardly touch it or even experience it.

The fact is we have forgotten to live in combination. We have forgotten the art of living as whole and making most out of all of these. We are on our way to REDISCOVER the same, in context to our present living style.

What I have always believed and has been my quest is well, that leading towards life of potentiality and whole living is simple, gentle, creative and natural. Yet authentically very powerful. And so are the processes and tools and measures to Reestablish them within us.

What happens when we live as a whole. We are Humans, work in progress, we are yet to master our living, but when we live as whole, we consider all aspects at once, we know the strengths and weaknesses, we know favorable or non favorable, we know what to use and where to improve. And we take our make our way or make choices accordingly. What is happening in present era, is that we give too much importance to few facets ignoring rest of them and it leads us to faulty choices. We miss to make out the most out of it. Which is always in our hand, at our dispersal.

With little practice, remaining fully aware and open and in conjunction with other elements of whole living, we to can exfoliate our whole potentiality, which our life purpose is meant to be.

We all are given purpose in life so that using it as an end tool, we can exfoliate it all and we must, I believe, no matter what. Again, struggle is only indication that we are yet a work in progress, we need modification and rectification. And with open challenge we must accept it. When we learn to deal with our own self and co-existence, when we improvise, the whole universe directs its energy in making our life a worth. And an inspiration and guidance for many many more. We are enhanced. We are now participating in creation of universal life.

In my fb post I wrote yesterday that

“On one stand we say that ‘self first’ and on another stand we say ‘we all are one’. When we take into account ourselves as First we tend to unjustify others…which eventually are as ourselves. And when we put others First we unjustify ourselves….we co-exist and so we must take into account and justify All at once and priorities accordingly….then What needs to be done… in my opinion… For knowing it all we should emphasis on Self and for living we must emphasis on Co-existence and operate accordingly…Balance between both and prioritizing is the key… I believe.”

 This is our journey. And I again invite all my fellow Blogger friends to share their views freely here. Together we can Rediscover and Reestablish it all for all of us and entire Human kind.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal